10 Indie Patterns to Sew for Yourself this Fall

10 Indie Patterns to Sew for Fall

 I know my Mom will ask me; indie = independent! I love jeans & hoodie weather so I actually started browsing around and making this list back in July. I tried to seek out designers I hadn’t sewn before and some that I know and love – you’ll notice there are only 9 pictures, I didn’t hear back in time from one designer if it was okay to use their picture. The pattern is linked in the list below though!

Since I initially wrote this post, I created a master list of PDF cardigan sewing patterns too, perfect for fall.

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If you’re shopping any of the designer’s Etsy shops, use Ebates* for 1% cash back too!

1. Imagine Gnats – Meridian Cardigan*

Fake It While You Make It Delia CreatesCaila Made — Indie Sew

I’ll admit, the stock photo of this didn’t initially appeal to me because of the fabric choice. Later on I saw Delia Creates’ version and did a 180 – it looks so cozy! Perfect for transitional weather, nursing, postpartum, etc.

2. Greenstyle Creations – Lacy Slope Hooded Top*

Pattern RevolutionDiedelbug HandmadeLollipops & Paisley — Swoodson Says

I’ve already proclaimed my love for this pattern and sewn a version for two different friends; it’s easy, looks store-bought, and you can make it as long as you’d like with the three different length lines. Of all the things I’ve sewn myself, I get stopped and asked about this every time I wear it! I’m not sure why stores make it so hard to find tunic length tops.

3. Kitschy Coo – Lady Skater

Idle FancyKadiddlehopperDelia Creates Made With Moxie (tunic) —

One dress! I don’t wear dresses very often because they’re not conducive to my daily trips to the park and crawling around on the floor. I really like comfy knit dresses though and I think this would be perfect over tights or leggings. The designer has a ton of great fitting tips and gorgeous knit fabrics for sale too.

4. Kate&Rose – Roza Blouse 

Hungie Gungie Hawthorne ThreadsImagine Gnats (Milkybeer Handmade)My Modern Vintage 

I tested for Kati with my Zsalya top and think the Roza looks comfy and easy. Perfect for layering and with boots for fall!

5.Victory Patterns – Lola Sweatshirt Dress/Tunic

Lladybird –What Katie Sews Ginger Makes   — PloktaSwoodson Says

The seaming on this sweatshirt is hard to see in the stock photo, but I think it makes for a really flattering fit. Again, pockets, tunic length = wardrobe gold.

6. Grainline Studio – Hemlock Tee (free!) 

Montana DesignsThree Dresses Project —  Hello Zoe BGreys FabricSwoodson Says

I’ve seen a lot of dropped shoulders in stores for fall and they reminded me of the Hemlock! I sewed the Scout tee and want to try this next, I will probably be lazy and band the hems for a super fast sew.

7. EYMM – Piko Top*

Sew Not Perfect Rebel and MaliceOur Family FourSumo’s Sweet Stuff

I’d never heard of the piko style before Kymy promoted this pattern, but I love it! Perfect for hiding an extra helping of turkey or caramel apple.

8. Named Clothing – Jamie Jeans

Cut Cut Sew — Scruffy Badger — Where the Orchids Grow — Alida Makes

I’ll admit, I don’t have any intention of sewing jeans in the near future. At least not ones with a real fly and all that. BUT I admire those who do, and really like the look of this pattern. Besides, then you can brag to people that you sewed your jeans.

9. True Bias – Hudson Pants

Cut Cut SewSpacey Casey Sew York CityWe Live Out Loud Swoodson Says

Sweats! I live for sweats. It’s embarrassing. I think this fitted style would be cute with bright tennis shoes and the Greenstyle tunic.

10. Deer & Doe – Pavot Jacket

Four Square Walls The Slow Steady Autumn Yarn — Sew Hopeful

The response from Deer & Doe saying I could use their picture went to my spam folder and I didn’t discover it until the post was live :( So it is pictured above! I think the lines of this coat would be really pretty instead of typical winter coat bulkiness. Perfect with the Jamie Jeans and a pair of boots.


Draft your own leggings with Cal Patch

–Pattern and Branch–

How neat is this! I am not a sewing purist – I don’t mind if things fit decently instead of perfectly as long as they’re comfy. But I think this is really neat and would like to see how my finished product compares to a sewn pattern. I couldn’t find many examples on blogs but I just saw @hodpodgefarm retweet someone saying they’d recently tried it and loved it!


SO that’s my list! What do you think? Have you sewn any of these? Did I miss one of your favorites?

I saw another fall list pop up last week from The Sewing Rabbit – you can check out their 14 suggestions here! They’re much more fashion forward, overall, and a great list if you work, party, or do other glamourous things that I don’t, ha!

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  1. stacey... from a box

    great list of patterns! there are 3 on your list that I hope to try for me this fall. thank you for sharing.

    1. Stephanie - Swoodson Says

      Hope you blog about them so I can see :)

  2. Jess Z

    I recommend Deer & Doe’s Plantain Tee. I’ve purchased the EYMM top, but was happier with the plantain hands down.

    1. Stephanie - Swoodson Says

      Interesting! I am 50/50 about the Plaintain. I feel like half the ones I see are cute, and half look really boxy and unfitted. Maybe it’s a fabric choice thing?

  3. Lisa

    Thanks for linking to my blog! I am seriously new to drafting my own patterns, but Cal Patch gives good directions to get started. If I can make leggings, probably anyone can. I’m excited to check out some of these patterns. I’m sort of curious about how hard the jeans are… 😉

    1. Stephanie - Swoodson Says

      I was surprised I couldn’t find more examples out there! I know she does a ton of workshops and classes. Let me know if you try the jeans – Melly Sews did a whole thing on sewing jeans if you haven’t seen it!

  4. Kristin

    Love number five! Can you make me one?!

    1. Stephanie - Swoodson Says

      Ha!! Sewing adults stuff for other people is such a pain – kids bodies are much more straightforward :)

  5. Olu

    I really like the Jamie jeans. Coincidentally, I Pinned them only a few hours ago.

    1. Stephanie - Swoodson Says

      I only think I’ve caught posts of you sewing stuff for your daughters! You should try them :)

      1. Olu

        I don’t get much time to make things for myself but I have just finished a pair of harem pants and working on these http://www.burdastyle.co.uk/women/crossover-pants-11-2013-120a

        I’ve never blogged about stuff I’ve made for myself, but I’m considering it :-)

        1. Stephanie - Swoodson Says

          Those pants are really different – I can’t wait to see them!

  6. Deanna {sewmccool}

    Thanks for the round-up, Stephanie! I absolutely love that Pavot jacket -will have to check that out!

    1. Stephanie - Swoodson Says

      You should! Did you ever finish your shorts :)

  7. Becca DuVal

    I’ve made the Lacey, Lola, Jamie, and Hudson patterns – Love them ALL! I’m itching to add some cardigans to my wardrobe, but might end up writing a tutorial for that. And I’ll be making a lot of the relax fit pants by Teach Me Fashion. 3 pattern pieces, elastic casing, inseam pockets? Yeah. It’s a winner.

    1. Stephanie - Swoodson Says

      You are a sewing wizard!

  8. Scruffy Badger

    Lovely round up of indie patterns – thank you for bringing a few I hadn’t been aware of to light as well. I’m feeling ready for the cooler weather just looking at them!

    1. Stephanie - Swoodson Says

      You & I both!! I hate shorts, and sweating.

  9. rachael {imagine gnats}

    what a great round-up!! thanks for including the meridian :) xo

  10. AJG

    I made the EYMM top, but it is unwearable, have never seen nothing so unflattering, and usually I will wear any old thing. It uses stacks of fabric too. Was v. disappointed.

    1. Stephanie - Swoodson Says

      Yikes! Thanks for the feedback. I’m sorry to hear that :(

  11. Jen

    I definitely need to sew for myself more. I think I will start with the Lacy Slope Hoodie.

    1. Stephanie - Swoodson Says

      It’s my absolute favorite!! I hope you love it too!

  12. Melissa

    This is an awesome list of patterns, and more money I need to spend on myself for once :)
    I normally and more of a close fitting person, but the weighted slinky fabric I used for my piko made all the difference. I can’t wait for it to cool off so I can start wearing it again. I also suggest sizing down for the body of it if you don’t like a ton of fabric/volume.

    1. Stephanie - Swoodson Says

      The tester shots seem to be a lot different depending on fabric type – so that’s good to know, thanks Melissa!

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