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DIY Maternity: Pleated Knit Skirt from a Dress

DIY Maternity Skirt from Dress - Swoodson Says

I immediately loved the bright, froggy green of this dress on Goodwill’s rack – but I don’t do spaghetti straps and it was a size too big! Which made it perfect for a maternity makeover. Originally from Old Navy, it is made of a thin knit fabric, and with two simple pleats to gather the extra fabric over my bump… you have a cheap, comfy skirt!

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Fall Fabric Pumpkins

Fall Fabric Pumpkins - Swoodson Says

Wow, first post. I guess you have to start somewhere right? I wanted to share my matching fabric pumpkin set! I have taken pictures over the past few projects with the thought that I’ll share them eventually, so now I just need to write them out! There will probably be mucho content for a while and then a slow, maybe steady, pace.

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