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DIY Maternity: Short Knit Skirt Refashion

DIY Maternity Knit Skirt Refashion - Swoodson Says


On a maternity DIY streak to get all my favorites shared! This one is so easy and comfy – I bought two similar skirts from Old Navy clearance and could not get enough of them this summer. It is basically two rectangles sewn together but using cheapie garments cuts down the cost over buying knit fabric from the store. I also like the pattern mixing!

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Fall Fabric Pumpkins

Fall Fabric Pumpkins - Swoodson Says

Wow, first post. I guess you have to start somewhere right? I wanted to share my matching fabric pumpkin set! I have taken pictures over the past few projects with the thought that I’ll share them eventually, so now I just need to write them out! There will probably be mucho content for a while and then a slow, maybe steady, pace.

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