Monster Applique Quilt

Use up your fabric scraps and make this monster applique quilt! It's easier than it looks, and make a super fun quilt for kids.

I finished my third quilt! I had so much fun sewing this; I used a bunch of knit fabric scraps from all the clothes I’ve made my kids over the years. It’s sewn from a Craftsy pattern/class and you can see my full review, sharing what is included and what to expect, in this post. I gifted this to our family friends and I hope their kids love it as much as mine do!

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13 Fun Clay Craft Ideas To Make

Easy clay craft tutorials for a fun afternoon making something with your friends - these are all beginner friendly clay crafts with picture tutorials and adorable results!

I had such a good time making my clay magnetic pin dish, my first time working with it in a few years, that I rounded up a bunch of other fun clay craft ideas for my next project. These are all modern and colorful; it’s easy to find old school clay sculptures and jewelry, which aren’t really my style. Some of the crafts are fun to do with kids and all of them would make great gifts!

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DIY Keychain for a Tween

DIY gift ideas for tweens and teens can be tricky - use a sharpie and shrinky dinks to make a custom keychain for their bags or jackets! This tutorial will show you how to make a diy keychain in a few easy steps.I was brainstorming DIY tween gift ideas back before Christmas and couldn’t come up with anything for my nieces (last year I made them Harry Potter leg warmers!). After I’d already bought them something (a subscription to Kazoo magazine, it looks so cool!), I realized that it would be easy to customize a shrinky-dink keychain for their interests. My friend Kelly, who blogs at Handmade Boy, said she could never find anything with an alto clef symbol  and I made one so I could send it over. She said her daughter loves it, and took some lovely photos of it so I could share!

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Magnetic Pin Bowl Tutorial

Make a diy magnetic pin bowl with this easy clay tutorial. Perfect diy gift for a sewing lover, no one will believe it is handmade!

I’m so excited to share how I made this magnetic pin bowl, it turned out just as I’d hoped! My mom gave me my first magnetic pin bowl this past Christmas and I’ve really been loving it. I’m in a group of bloggers all creating a craft with the same theme each month, and I was stumped on how to connect clay with what I normally make and enjoy (I attempted buttons and labels, as well). This diy magnetic pin dish will help keep your sewing room organized and it’s way easier to throw a pin in a dish than stick it in a pillow, although I still love sewing pincushions (like this embroidered snowflake one!).

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