Popsicle Stick Craft Ideas for Summer Camp

Craft sticks are the perfect craft supply for summer camp - cheap and fun! Here's a list of popsicle stick crafts for summer camps - get some friends together and get crafty!

Spring is here and I’m thinking about summer camp crafts! Craft sticks are an awesome supply to start with because they’re dirt cheap and easy to find. I rounded up a whole list of popsicle stick craft ideas that are perfect for summer camp, varying from preschool up to pre-teen in complexity. A few of these would keep me busy too, I think, I’d love a little fairy door on our deck!

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How To Make A No Sew Fabric Bookmark

I love using up fabric scraps and can never have enough bookmarks, so this fast and easy craft shows you how to make a no sew fabric bookmark! It’s hard to find ideas to use up knit fabric scraps (I have a huge list of them in this post!) but this craft perfectly uses up those weird long strips you end up with after cutting out clothes. Most craft stick ideas are for kids, but I think these would be a perfect gift for an adult. They kept my place in the embroidery book I was looking at; I think I’ll make a few more and slide them into my purse for when I’m reading on the go.

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Sew On Patches for Jeans – Sashiko Style

Looking for cute ways to patch kids' pants? Sashiko style bug sew on patches are easy and adorable.

Sew on patches for jeans are a must in this house, there isn’t an iron on knee patch strong enough to take the hiking and jumping my son does. We try to spend as much time outside as possible, hiking and exploring, which leads to a lot of laundry and even more mending.

Instead of buying the prepackaged patches, I have been DIY-ing them from upcycled jeans and denim scraps. You can see a full tutorial for how to make the patches in this post, where I sewed some stars on. For this pair, I used a bug silhouette and they turned out so cute!

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