DIY Maternity: Tunic Refashion from Girl’s Dress

DIY Maternity Tunic Refashion - Swoodson Says

One of the advantages of being only 5’2 is that I can sometimes fit in kids clothes. Don’t worry, my closet isn’t full of Hannah Montana and glitter; in bits and pieces it works for me! I spotted these Circo dresses on the little girls clearance rack for $2.76 a piece in size XL and snapped them up in two different prints! Refashioning into a tunic would be easy to replicate with any elastic-waist dress. I would recommend wearing them with pants that actually fit though, these maternity “skinnies” look like elephant skin around my knees and ankles!

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DIY Maternity: No Sew Cotton Skirt

DIY No Sew Maternity Skirt - Swoodson Says

Easiest maternity “tutorial” yet – just four snips of your scissors! I forgot to take proper “before” pictures – so I found a similar dress on Google Images. They’re easy to find at the thrift store – this one is made by Old Navy and cost me a whopping $3. I love that it’s all gauzy cotton, and that it has a lining.

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DIY Maternity: Pleated Knit Skirt from a Dress

DIY Maternity Skirt from Dress - Swoodson Says

I immediately loved the bright, froggy green of this dress on Goodwill’s rack – but I don’t do spaghetti straps and it was a size too big! Which made it perfect for a maternity makeover. Originally from Old Navy, it is made of a thin knit fabric, and with two simple pleats to gather the extra fabric over my bump… you have a cheap, comfy skirt!

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