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DIY Nursery: Faux Sheepskin Faux Fur Rug with Pattern

DIY Nursery: Faux Sheepskin Faux Fur Rug with Pattern - Swoodson Says

I love the look of a fuzzy sheepskin rug, but I don’t love the prices! I was inspired by an old post on Young House Love and decided to DIY one. I saw this shaggy white poodle fabric in the remnant bin for $2 and got to work drafting a pattern! The way my remnant measured, it was only possible to make two long pieces, and then sew them together down the middle. You can’t really tell because of the fur! The finished product is 30.5″ tall and 32″ wide at the bottom. So, a yard of fabric would be fine if you didn’t want to slice and dice it!

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DIY Nursery: Bright Animal Crib Mobile

DIY Animal Mobile - Swoodson Says

Holy cow, mobiles are expensive! That was my first thought when I started sifting out what I wanted to buy vs. make for our nursery. So, I made one. Even better – I made one with fabric scraps from the beautiful quilt my Mom made for the baby! I spent a stupid amount of time drawing out silhouettes until I thought they were just right – I was trying to mirror the animal shapes from the Dwell zoo shape sorter that we bought him (see it here*) and initially had a bird instead of a rhino. I sent a picture of the animals to my Mom who said “What’s that orange thing?”. Shortly after, my husband said “What is this one?” and the bird was banished and a rhino replaced it.

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