Sew On Patches for Jeans – Sashiko Style

Looking for cute ways to patch kids' pants? Sashiko style bug sew on patches are easy and adorable.

Sew on patches for jeans are a must in this house, there isn’t an iron on knee patch strong enough to take the hiking and jumping my son does. We try to spend as much time outside as possible, hiking and exploring, which leads to a lot of laundry and even more mending.

Instead of buying the prepackaged patches, I have been DIY-ing them from upcycled jeans and denim scraps. You can see a full tutorial for how to make the patches in this post, where I sewed some stars on. For this pair, I used a bug silhouette and they turned out so cute!

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How To Make A Zipper Toy for Toddlers

Use this zipper toy tutorial to sew a toddler toy! A few zippers and some embroidered words will make learning colors fun, and it rolls up easily to tuck into a purse or bag for entertainment on the go.

Time to sew a zipper toy for toddlers! The buckle toy I made for my son has been well loved by him, then my daughter, and now a friend’s daughter so I wanted to try a different twist along the same lines. My daughter is now 2 and interested in colors, so this rainbow sewing tutorial has a bonus learning benefit. It rolls up easily so it can be tucked into a bag or used in the carseat. Handmade toys are one of my favorite things to sew for kids; they don’t outgrow them as quickly as clothing! I love that I could upcycle a burp cloth for this project too, it was so pretty with the rainbow backing but stained on the other side from being used.

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How to Embroider a Modern Heart Sachet

Looking for something to sew for Valentine's Day? Embroider up this pretty sachet and tuck it in a drawer or pocket!

I initially shared this free sachet sewing tutorial on the Seams & Scissors blog, as a gift idea to sew for Valentine’s Day. I sent the scented heart to my Mom, who has a February birthday, with the thought that it would sweetly scent one of her fabric bins! It’s a mix of embroidery and sewing, with simple stitches and lines. I went for a modern look, it’s all straight lines with french knots marking out ‘love’ in a subtle way. You could add your own embroidery design on the heart or leave it plain, this is a tutorial you can make as complicated or simple as you’d like!

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Bag Organizer Zipper Pouch Tutorial


Keep your bag organized, with these vertical zipper pouches. They are extra firm so they're easy to unzip with one hand, and tabs at the top to keep you organized. An easy zipper pouch tutorial, with a clever twist! Swoodsonsays.com

There are lots of bag organizer tutorials out there, but I couldn’t find anything that was easy to open and shut with one hand. We are always on the go, and jumping back and forth between the backpack and different bags can often leave us disorganized. The sunscreen will be in one spot, the snacks in another, and the band-aid we really need left at home. I had a few traditional zipper pouches, but they were too small and too hard to open with one hand while juggling a baby. So, I created these stiff,  easy to open organizing pouches to keep everything in one spot. The vertical tabs make it easy to keep things separated, and also easy for other people to find the things they need if you aren’t around.

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