DIY Fabric Scrap Art Canvas- Scrap busting Saturday

DIY Fabric Scrap Art - Swoodson Says

Another Saturday in May, another scrappy project! You can see my first scrap busting saturday post, a quilted needbook, here. Today it’s a quick and easy wall art project tutorial. I’m also sharing a few businesses that I admire for selling products made from recycled scraps!

I’m planning on  hanging this up in my sewing room, but it is a legitimate disaster down there and dark as a dungeon so I took pictures in my son’s nursery. This took all of an hour; it is so satisfying to have a finished project during one nap-time.


-Printed sewing machine silhouette, an awesome freebie from A Lemon Squeezy Home

-Pile of coordinating fabric scraps


-Paintbrush or sponge brush for Mod Podge

-Canvas (this one is 5″ X 5″)

Metallic Sharpie*


DIY Fabric Scrap Art - Swoodson Says

DIY Fabric Scrap Art - Swoodson Says

DIY Fabric Scrap Art - Swoodson Says

DIY Fabric Scrap Art - Swoodson Says

Professional Scrap Busters

I really admire folks who put extra effort into keeping their business environmentally minded and it always catches my eye when someone is producing awesome things made from scraps.

Lu & Ed

Cody, the mon-stor maker behind Lu & Ed, is super nice and very engaged in the creative social media sphere. She makes many creative rendition of funky monsters, from softies to toy organizers to tooth fairy pillows and they’re made from 90% recycled/upcycled materials! I keep checking back to ‘adopt’ on of her mon-stors but they’re always sold out. Always a good sign, right? Head over & check out her shop and see some of her before & afters in this blog post!


Recycled wool slippers - woollybottoms

WoolyBottoms is a wool cloth diaper company that has a fantastic reputation. In addition to make their wool diapering goodies out of recycled sweaters, they then make these adorable little slippers out of the diaper scraps. Click over and check out some of their things; they also sell wool scraps, arm warmers, and blankets!

Reusable Useables

Reusable Usables is a nonprofit, not a business, but I think what they’re doing is so cool and I want to share it! Located in the Quad Cities, where I lived once upon a time, they take scraps from local businesses and provide them in a store front for folks to shop. They also host creative classes and workshops for kids and adults, using all upcycled materials. I would love to see something like this in every city – what better place to take a creative kid than a room full of recycled potential! Check out their operation here.

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  1. Rachel

    Fun way to use scraps!

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  3. onel

    What a creative way to use all those scrap fabrics! Looks good!!

    1. Stephanie - Swoodson Says

      Thanks so much Onel!

  4. Miss Manitas


    1. Stephanie - Swoodson Says

      Thanks so much for stopping by – let me know if you make one 😀

  5. Ren

    I love this! I also love me a project that can be completed in one nap. Thanks for linking up to Inspire Us Thursdays!

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  7. Anne

    Cute, cute!! Would make a fun project to do for a craft night in! You could invite your friends over and let everyone go to town with your scrap bin. At the end of the night, everyone would have cute art for their walls and you’d have a thinned out scrap bin. I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for tomorrow evening that links to your tutorial:

    1. Stephanie - Swoodson Says

      Anne, you have the best ideas! It would be so fun to do in a group – even as a tween summer camp. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing on Craft Gossip!

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