DIY Golf Score Card Holder Tutorial


DIY Golf Score Card Holder Tutorial - Swoodson Says

Why don’t you sew a DIY golf score card holder for the Father(s) in your life! Assuming they like golf, of course. My husband has been asking me for months to recreate a plain, boring version that my brother in law uses and I finally got around to it just in time for a Father’s Day DIY gift.  It’s a really easy project that uses just 1/2 yard of fabric and takes only about an hour.

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DIY Golf Score Card Holder Tutorial- Swoodson Says

I couldn’t resist the cheerful moustaches, the fabric is by Riley Blake from Hawthorne Threads (one of my favorite online shops!)

DIY Golf Score Card Holder Tutorial - Swoodson Says

The idea is that it protects the golf scorecard and makes it easier to write while playing – you can also snug a small notepad on the other side and a golf pencil in the middle.

Want to make your own? Here is how!


1/2 yard if using one fabric, 1/4 yard of lining & cover fabric if using two

Coordinating thread

Scrap cardboard – I used an old cereal box

About 2 feet of 1/4 inch elastic ( 4 strips about 5.25″ long, 1 strip about 2″ long)

Free Golf Score Card Pattern

Optional: Quarter inch sewing machine foot (Check your machine’s compatibility; I use this one!*)


1, Cut fabric, cardboard inserts, elastic strips.

2. Baste elastic along the very edges of the lining fabric rectangle. Sew one side and then pull a bit taut before sewing the other side – if it’s too loose, the pencil won’t stay in.

3. Sew both the outer and inner fabric together, with the rectangle in between the flaps, right sides together (RST), with a .25″ seam allowance. Press the seam allowances out, towards the flap.

4.Use a pen to mark where elastic will go over the flap – I put mine 2″ from the far end and 1/2″ from the spine. Baste along the very edge of the fabric.

5. Put both lining and cover RST and sew 3/4 of the way around (.25″ seam allowance), leaving one straight edge open. Trim seam allowance where sewn, clip curves.

6. Turn right side out, press (be careful to go under elastic and not melt it!). Press the opening’s raw edges in.

7. Tuck the cardboard pieces in and under the lining’s raw edge, shove all the way into each end. Carefully top stitch around, through the fabric and cardboard, keeping the raw edges tucked in.


  1. Gloria   •  

    Fabulous! I have several friends who would love to make these! Thank you!

  2. Megan   •  

    Stephanie, I love this idea! I really enjoy your tutorials because you show each step with a corresponding image. The photos are clear and easy to see, do you take your own images with a high-tech camera or a digital camera? Great job!

  3. Chelsea   •  

    What a fun idea. Perfect for upcoming father’s day! Thanks for sharing

  4. Ren   •  

    Perfect! And a great tute, too.

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  10. Trudy   •  

    i found the golf scorecard on Pinterest but I can’t find the download for the pattern. Can you point me in the right direction for it please?

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