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50+ free printable stuffed animal patterns

Long time readers know I have a big soft spot for sewing stuffed animals! My kids love them, they’re fun to make, and are great for gift giving. While I love supporting pattern designers (and sell patterns myself!), free patterns are a great way to find new shops and new styles. I rounded up 50+ free printable stuffed animal patterns from sites I trust, and you are going to have so much fun scrolling through them! If you’re wondering how to sew a stuffed animal – read this post first, full of my best tips for sewing softies!50+ free printable stuffed animal patterns

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Let me know if you’ve tried any of these, or if you are hunting for any specific animal pattern that I missed!

Pin this round-up of 50+ free printable stuffed animal patterns for later using this link or collage image:

free stuffed animal patterns

Free stuffed animal patterns

A more modern whale stuffed animal pattern from All Free Sewing – this looks perfect for snuggling! They’re a pain to take on vacation but my kids love big stuffies.

flip octopus plush sewing pattern

A super fun reversible octopus plush pattern from 5 out of 4 patterns.

Turtle stuffed animal sewing pattern by Ric Rac – aren’t their hats just the cutest? These would be fun to make in bulk, a whole turtle party!

Pocket bunny here at Swoodson Says – this is a teeny tiny stuffie that fits in an Easter Egg! My kids love playing with these.

Corgi stuffed animal sewing pattern from Fluffmonger- she has several cute freebies but I love the corgi the best!

crocodile stuffed animal sewing pattern

Crocodile stuffed animal sewing pattern from Sew4Home – oversized and super sweet, this would be a huge hit in my house!

free turtle pattern

A cute turtle softie pattern from Scratch and Stitch.

free teddy bear stuffed animal pattern

Teddy bear stuffed animal sewing pattern by Betz White at Sew Mama Sew – the vests are over the top cute!

free unicorn kitty pattern

Unicorn kitty sewing pattern from Sew Desu Ne? – I’ve seen this one sewn up and it looks so cute and easy to sew, I want one!

Whale stuffed animal sewing pattern by Drygoods Design for Sew Mama Sew – a dreamy aesthetic with these whales, and little fingers will love playing with the zipper mouths.

free dragon stuffed animal sewing pattern

Dragon stuffed animal sewing pattern from Sew Mag – this dragon is beautiful! My kids would love to have this in their bed.

free mini bear pattern

Teddy bear sewing pattern from While She Naps – the cutest little bear to snap on to a backpack or a purse.

free mer kitty stuffed animal

Mer-kitty sewing pattern from Sew Desu Ne? – another absolutely adorable one, I don’t know where she got that cool fleece for the tail though.

free stuffed shark sewing pattern

Stuffed shark sewing pattern from Sew Desu Ne? – this looks easy and fun if you have a shark lover!

free dragon sewing animal pattern

Stuffed Night Fury sewing pattern from Sew Desu Ne? – How To Train Your Dragon is one of our favorite movies and these dragons are adorable.

free fish sewing pattern

Stuffed fish sewing pattern from While She Naps- this fishy is begging to be squished, I love its mouth too!

free flamingo stuffed animal sewing pattern

Flamingo stuffed animal sewing pattern from Sew Mag – this is such a cute pattern, I love how they did the wings.

free alpaca stuffed toy pattern

Stuffed alpaca pattern from Wild Olive – simple with pretty hand embroidery, I can see this as an ornament!

free turtle softie sewing pattern

Free turtle pattern from Sew4Home – click through to see its hidden pocket that is perfect for pjs or books!

Stuffed owl sewing pattern from Sew4Home – a classic stuffed animal sewing project.

free monster stuffed toy pattern

Stuffed monster toy from Crazy Little Projects – funky doll-esque monster that is perfect for kids who like creepy stuff.

Maybe the fastest pattern on here; see how to upcycle a tshirt into a stuffed animal here at Swoodson Says


Pocket kitty here at Swoodson Says – a fun hand sewn softie that fits in pockets or a DIY Altoid tin bed too!

Bunny face pillow here at Swoodson Says, this has been really popular and is lovely to sit and pet.

Bandana bunny here at Swoodson Says, this is a fast upcycle project.

free stuffed penguin bird pattern

Sweet bird pattern from Ric-Rac – these look simple to sew and would be great for upcycling sweaters. [2024 edit note – this website appears to be down, leaving it up for visual inspiration]

free stuffed monkey sewing pattern

Stuffed monkey pattern from A Beautiful Mess – I love the shape of these monkeys and they have a little pocket for love notes!

ermine stuffed animal pattern

Unique stuffed ermine pattern from Wild Olive – how fun is this little critter!

snow bunny sewing pattern

Snow bunny pattern from Wild Olive – I love the snowman spin on this classic softie.

free wampa sewing pattern

Free stuffed wampa sewing pattern from Wild Olive – great for Star Wars obsessed sewists, especially with the inventive use of Velcro.

free dog stuffed pattern

Sweet puppy pillow pet sewing pattern from Sew Can She – click through to see how this folds out into a pillow!

free frog sewing pattern

Adorable frog prince pattern from While She Naps – I love the long froggy limbs and tiny little crown!

upcycled glove stuffed dinosaurs tutorial

Clever upcycled glove stuffed dinosaur toy tutorial from Cucicucicoo – these are so clever, using up old gloves for a fun new toy.

stuffed dragon from a sock tutorial

Dragon softie pattern from Craft Passion – intricate dragon pattern but the finished project looks so professional!

narwhal stuffed sewing pattern

Fun narwhal pattern from Craft Passion – I want to try one of these, it is so cute!

free sock panda pattern

Tiny panda pattern from Craft Passion – my daughter would be nuts over this sweet little panda.

simple cat sewing pattern

Simple stuffed cat pattern here on Swoodson Says.

stuffed kangaroo pattern

The cutest kangaroom mama and baby pattern from Craft Passion – I love the mixture of substrates here and the bunny in the pouch is too cute.

stuffed platypus sewing pattern

Unique stuffed platypus pattern from Craft Bits – this reminds me of the platypus beanie baby!

Sew a free sheep softie sewing pattern! This simple softie is easy to sew by hand or machine, and the little legs are perfect for tiny hands to hang on to.

My free sheep softie pattern, designed to be easy enough for kids to sew, here on Swoodson Says.

bendy frog pattern

Funky little frog buddies from Purl Soho – aren’t their eyes fun?

monkey doll pattern

Precious monkey doll pattern from Mmm Crafts – Such a cute pattern, I love the expression on its face!

patchwork cat sewing pattern

Patchwork kitty pattern from Purl Soho – another great upcycle project, super cute kitties.

free elephant pillow stuffed animal apttern

Stuffed elephant pattern from Birch Fabrics – these look easy to sew and fun to snuggle!

Free Piranha Softie sewing pattern from Coloured Buttons. Fun for kids to sew too, this looks really easy and I love the teeth.

*Free unicorn stuffed animal sewing pattern from Felt With Love Designs. Little felt critters are so fun to play with. You know I love unicorns; see more unicorn craft ideas in this post!

octopus softie free pattern

Adorable octopus softie pattern from Quirkshop Designs – download the pattern in the post. Those arms are just begging to be played with, what a fun pattern.


Free reindeer softie pattern from Fluffmonger – download through the link in the post. Her patterns are so modern and pretty, I love the reindeer!

Free George the Puppy free sewing pattern from Sis Boom Patterns, download it for free from their shop. Such a cute one to use up woven fabrics!

Cute free fox stuffed animal pattern from Misty’s Whimsies, I love the shape of the face! — Misty’s Whimsies has gone out of business but she was kind enough to let me share the free pattern with y’all, click here to download it from google drive.

free long neck dinosaur sewing pattern

Big long neck dinosaur stuffed animal pattern from We Lived Happily Ever After – another big stuffie that begs to be snuggled with.

stuffed dog pdf pattern

Cute puppy dog pattern from The Cottage Mama – why aren’t here more dogs on this list! I found this cute one at least.

free owl stuffie pattern

Simple owl stuffie pattern from Happy Hour Projects – another owl version that looks easy to sew.

Not pictured:


Let me know your favorite from this list!

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thank you so much for helping us. I am getting back in to crafting. this will be fun

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Tuesday 4th of July 2023

love to hear that, happy sewing!

Bears mum

Wednesday 13th of April 2022

I just came across this page and was trying to get the cherry fox pattern, sadly it says the link is no longer available. Do you know where else I could find the pattern or does anyone have a copy of it?

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Wednesday 20th of April 2022

Hi! So, I tracked down the original blogger and am trying to get you a link, she shut down her blog indefinitely but hoping I can link to it on google drive, I'll report back!

justice waddell

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can i have

free unicorn kitty pattern places

Mary Brice

Friday 25th of October 2019

I seriously need 10 of these. Love this practical and super organizational project. kids will this because they love animal.

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