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The Alder Skirt – Pattern Testing

Alder Skirt - Swoodson Says

Check out the new Alder Skirt from Imagine Gnats! I was chatting with my friend Amy last week and told her that I wasn’t keen on signing up to test anytime soon… and then the next day I had an email in my inbox about the Alder Skirt and I had to eat my words! Nom nom nom. The pattern designer, Rachael from Imagine Gnats, has a well deserved reputation for being pleasant to work with and I’ve been dying to try one of her patterns. The Bess Top first caught my eye – it has such neat detailing and is definitely on my ‘to buy’ list.

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Alder Skirt - Swoodson Says

You can find this pattern in the imagine gnats shop here*.Β  The front pleat is SO FLATTERING. Seriously. The pockets bow out slightly, and I love that you can see the accent fabric peeking out.Β  Alder Skirt - Swoodson Says

I need to point out my ridiculous husband here. Actually, I’m the one taking self-portraits in front of my door for all the neighbors to see.. I guess we’re both ridiculous!

Alder Skirt- Swoodson Says

Anyways, let’s talk again about this pleat. I have diastasis recti – which basically means my stomach muscles are Hatfield & McCoy-ing it and refuse to come together. In every other picture you’ll see of me, or if you happen to meet me in real life, I’m probably tensing my stomach. Otherwise I look like I’m in my second trimester! That sounds a little insane as I reread it, but it’s just become a habit.

Alder Skirt Pleat - Swoodson Says

But this pleat hides all that! It’s magical.

Alder Skirt Pocket - Swoodson Says

The pockets are another unique detail; I appreciate something that I’ve never seen before when it comes to a pattern.

I used a lightweight denim-ish clearance find from Joann’s paired with scraps from my kitchen gift set and can’t wait to try it in a fabric with more drape. Non-maxi skirts feel extra fancy since they’re so impractical for me to wear these days; it was fun to make something fresh and new.

Be sure to head over and browse Imagine Gnats *– she has a dreamy fabric shop in addition to her blog!

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  1. love the skirt–it looks great! And, I have to laugh at your husband–I took pics of my husband wearing a shirt I made him (soon to be posted) and he totally made me laugh with the fun he had doing ‘poses’ πŸ™‚

  2. So cute!!! Want to know my magic fix for diastasis recti? Have your 4th and final c-section and wake up to have the dr tell you she sewed the muscles back together for you! lol πŸ˜‰

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