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Blog Planning & Printable Calendar for 2015

Free 2015 Blog Calendar and Organization Printables

 Time to get your blog plan organized for 2015! I’m expecting baby2 in early March so I’m trying to hustle and have things scheduled out for a month or two before then. There are lots of free printables out there but nothing fit exactly what I wanted and I found myself erasing, writing, white-outing to ugliness each month. For 2015 I have a different plan! I’m sharing both the Publisher & a PDF file for the calendar in case you want to customize for yourself, as well as links to other free printables if mine isn’t your style.

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Here is how I’m using my printables! Each month has a calendar & a planning sheet. This year, it occurred to me around early December that I ought to make an ornament tutorial but it was too late (I made the ornament anyways, it just didn’t make it on the blog!). Now it’s written on my November 2015 sheet! I use these sheet protectors* and Post-It Flags*. Safe from toddler hands.

Now I can juggle posts around as other opportunities arise, without making a mess. I’ve shared the calendar file in both Publisher & PDF format; it has all the holidays listed in this post already filled in. I also have a Publisher file for the monthly planning post, and my post checklist, all linked below.

Other useful planning printables — these are all free and working links! Please let me know if that changes and I’ll fix or remove them:



Printable Files:

If you’re using the Publisher files, you’ll need to download the fonts I used if you want them to look the same! -Header/Month: Always in My Heart -Tasks: KB Planet Earth

Free 2015 Blog Calendar and Organization Printables

Printable PDF Blog Calendar

2015 Blog Calendar – Publisher File


Monthly Blog Plan – Publisher File

Free 2015 Blog Calendar and Organization Printables

Blog Post Checklist- Publisher File


Free 2015 Blog Calendar and Organization Printables



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  1. This is such a great idea, and thank you for sharing! I startd blogging haphazardly this year, and being more consistent with content is a goal for next year. Maybe your printables will help me with my serious planning and organizing problem! 🙂

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