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Paper Pieced Christmas Tree Sewing Pattern

Check out this paper pieced Christmas tree! A modern Christmas quilt sewing pattern, it's a great first paper piecing pattern to try and uses up the smallest of scraps.

Paper piecing is so much fun, and I’m getting a jump on holiday sewing with this paper pieced Christmas tree! Most traditional holiday decor isn’t my style but I love how the geometric lines and crisp edges of this design looks when it is sewn up. A completed block measures 12″ square and I’m planning on making it into a pillow set with my paper pieced reindeer from another Quiet Play pattern, see it here!

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A Snarky Ghost – My First Cross-Stitch

An easy halloween cross stitch pattern stitched up - a silly little snarky ghost! Fun adult craft for Halloween that makes for a cheap DIY Halloween decoration

My First Cross Stitch

Second time’s a charm! It was with this project that I came up with the idea of TSNEM; I finally was tackling something I’d never tried before. My first attempt? I hated it. I misread a cross-stitch 101 tutorial and thought I was supposed to use all 6 strands of floss (which, duh, why did I think that, thankfully Jennifer pointed out my mistake). I also started from the very middle, and the counting stressed me out. I put it down, ignored it for a few months, and then picked it up again at the end of my pregnancy. I went from left to right, and used two strands, and it went way better!

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