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Modern Embroidery Sampler Pattern

Modern embroidery sampler

I finished a fun modern embroidery sampler!  I’ve been working on it slowly, for close to a year (I went back on Instagram to check my progress!). I really love embroidery samplers and trying different stitches out, it gives you the “finished project” rush of dopamine over and over again! I got hung up with what to do in the middle; the “color wheel” that I ended up with is far from perfect but I still like it. One of my favorite things about embroidery projects is that I always remember where I was when I worked on them, so I have fun family memories hanging on my wall.

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35+ Sewing Tutorials with a Cricut

Cricuts aren't just for paper crafts, check out how you can use your Cricut with fabric! Lots of sewing tutorials and inspiration for using your Cricut to embellish and create projects.

I thought of digital cutting machines as mainly for vinyl (on windows/coffee cups) and paper crafts, but realized how wrong I was once I actually starting playing with a Cricut Explore Air 2! You can use this tool to make so much more than simple applique shirts, so I rounded up a bunch of Cricut sewing projects: including ideas for kids, women, home decor, and accessories. Can you believe you can make a whole purse on this magical machine! I think all these creative ideas will get your wheels turning, I know I’ll be making more things with mine in the future. I have cut projects out by hand in the past, but a digital machine makes perfect and clean lines, elevating projects from ‘homemade’ to ‘handmade’.

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Shibori Indigo Dye Kit Review

Shibori Indigo Dye Kit Review - see what is inside this cheap kit, that dyes up to 15 shirts!

Sometimes ordering craft supplies blindly offline can turn out poorly (see my leather dye experiment here) but I really love this shibori indigo dye kit from Jacquard! I’ve used it several times over the past few years and had consistent results so I feel good about recommending it, after doing two separate projects this summer I decided to invite a few blogging friends for a whole week of shibori dye projects. I’m going to start off with a review of the kit since I love it so much, if you order one today you’ll be ready to experiment with indigo by the weekend!

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Christmas Baby Blocks Sewing Pattern

A new Swoodson Says pattern has released! This is the perfect pattern to sew by the dozens. The design lends itself well to using up fabric scraps and the appliques are unique while remaining easy to sew on. Babies and toddlers will love throwing, stacking, and squishing these soft blocks; they’d fit perfectly in a stocking!

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