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DIY Christmas Stocking Dog Toy


A DIY Christmas Stocking Dog Toy - it has three treat hidey-holes to keep your dog sniffing around for treats and out of the presents! A sponsored post on Swoodsonsays.com - #ad #clausandpaws #collectivebias

My husband and I adopted our dog, Yoshi, the very first day we moved into an apartment out of college. We had been volunteering at the shelter for months, looking at the new adoptables daily, and Yoshi stole our hearts! He had been neglected and abused, and took a long time to warm up to us. It was over a year before he first barked! He slept on our bed, we fed him his (wet, fancy, all natural) dog food by hand when he was being picky, and he had several Halloween costumes. We joked that he was as needy as a child and treated him like one! Until… we actually had a child.

Woodsons with Yoshi

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Free! Mega Dump Truck Floor Pillow Sewing Pattern Release

Free mega dump truck pillow sewing pattern! Grab some cheap fleece and sew up a comfy spot for kids to curl up and read. Perfect gift to sew for boys and girls, and to use up all your fabric scraps as stuffing! Swoodsonsays.com

My son LOVES trucks. He loves to wear trucks, play with trucks, has dreams about trucks, and can spot a truck from miles away when we are out and about. We always squabble about regulating what trucks can get in bed with him since he ends up rolling on top of them and waking up. Enter, the Mega Dump Truck Pillow! This sucker is big, my son is 3 and wearing 4/5t clothes and fits more than comfortably on it. It’s perfect for snuggling up to read, taking a nap, or pillow fighting!

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4 Free Baby Pants Sewing Patterns -Tested!

4 Free Baby Pants Sewing Patterns, all sewn up and tested on Swoodsonsays.com

Baby clothes are SO much fun to sew and there are so many options, it can get overwhelming. I decided to try out four of the free PDF baby pants sewing patterns that are popular on my Pinterest boards – and share the results with you! Free patterns are great, but I’m still hesitant to invest time and fabric if something is going to be a dud. Good news is, I liked all four of these patterns (although I have a favorite) and have lots more details to share with you about each one.

I partnered with Mabel Madison for the post; they are one of my favorite fabric stores because they stock unique, Euro prints that are such high quality. Their selection of “boy-friendly” fabrics is awesome, with loads of knits. They ship super fast and are very responsive – I had a great experience shopping with them before I asked them to work with me on this experiment!

Mabel Madison Logo

This is a sponsored collaboration with Mabel Madison – they provided the fabric and paid me to write this post!

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Free Pumpkin Silhouette Applique Pattern & Tutorial

Free Pumpkin Applique

I originally shared this free pumpkin applique post last Fall at GYCT Designs and now I’m bringing it back here to share with you! Applique is my favorite, it’s an easy way to use up scraps and personalize patterns. In this case, it also helps reinforces pant knees! My son has been obsessed with pumpkins for a long time, so he was very excited to have pumpkins on his pants. If you’ve never used Wonder Under, I have a quick tutorial on that too – it makes things so easy.

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