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17+ Cute Unicorn Crafts to Make

Check out these adorable unicorn craft patterns! Unicorn embroidery, unicorn sewing, unicorn crochet, unicorn applique, unicorns for every crafter and every kid! #unicorncraft #crafts #unicorn

Growing up, I loved science fiction and fantasy; my favorite books involved dragons, unicorns, and wizards. While I wouldn’t say I ever outgrew it, it has been so much fun watching my son & daughter get into all things magical! I was poking around, looking at unicorn craft ideas to sew and kept bookmarking cute unicorn craft after craft, so I rounded them all up in one list. There are unicorn crochet patterns, unicorn embroidery patterns, unicorn sewing patterns, and even unicorn needle felting patterns.

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2017 Q4 / Income & Traffic Report

Ever wondered how much money I’m making? This covers October, November, & December of 2017. As I’ve said previously, I really enjoy reading similar reports and figured sharing my own would entertain someone and also keep me accountable to keep track of these things. You can read my previous income reports all here. I am looking at average daily visits, income/expenses, subscriber & follower counts, traffic in/out, & goals.

If you’re a creative blogger yourself, be sure to check out my list of links for affiliate programs, networking opportunities, and places to submit your work!

If you like these income reports, I’d love to hear what you think in a comment or your support shopping through my affiliate links 🙂

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15+ Valentine’s Day Embroidery Designs & Cross Stitch Patterns

Looking for something to stitch this Valentine's Day? I have a great list of over 15 Valentine's Day embroidery designs and Valentine's Day cross stitch patterns. Perfect for stitching on hoop art, hankerchiefs,blankets, or pillows, make a handmade gift for Valentine's Day! #embroidery #valentine #valentinesday #crossstitch**

With all the Christmas decor packed away, I’m thinking of the next fun holiday to break up the winter chill. Needlework goes hand in hand with warm blankets and cold nights, so I thought I’d round up some ideas of what to embroidery and cross stitch for Valentine’s Day! There are a bunch of independent designer’s Valentine’s Day embroidery designs and then a few freebies at the end of the list. I can see lots of these stitched and hanging on a wall, or added to a shirt, sewn on to a pillow, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re intimidated by the idea of how to transfer an embroidery design, check out the easiest way to transfer embroidery patterns; it is so simple and involves no tracing! You can check out past embroidery projects that I’ve stitched, here.

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2018 Creative Community Challenges

[Screenshots from #2018makenine – with over 1600 participants so far]

A new year means new craft/sewing challenges! I’m always interested in community challenges, I love peeking in on hashtags and watching makers experiment and connect. I’ll admit, I’m terrible at joining and keeping up with something unless I am the one leading it (and subsequently feel much more pressure to stay engaged, since I started it!).

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