DIY Animal Ear Headband – Plastic Canvas Blog Hop!

15 Apr


DIY Animal Ear Headband Swoodson Says 1 DIY Animal Ear Headband   Plastic Canvas Blog Hop!

People seem to either love Twitter or think its popularity is ludicrous. I am on the love end of the spectrum, and it was a random tweet from Diane, @craftypod , that spurred my participation in this round of the Plastic Canvas Blog Hop. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even have a mental image of what plastic canvas was until I clicked over and looked at som

e of her past PC projects and hops.

 DIY Animal Ear Headband   Plastic Canvas Blog Hop!

I was immediately intrigued after I realized what plastic canvas actually was, because¬† the one and only way I’ve ever seen it used is a tissue box cover. You know the type, right?

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Anne of Green Gables Inspired Top – Mystery Blogger Challenge

14 Apr

So, a few months ago I started a sewing & crafts blogger group on Facebook after chatting with Sarah at The Crazy Tailor. It has grown quickly! I really enjoy chatting with the other bloggers, asking questions, and building some community between us all. I thought it would be fun to pair up and assign each other a mystery challenge — each blogger gave their partner a surprise theme to sew or craft from! Please visit all the other blogs linked at the bottom of the post to check out not only what they were tasked with, but what they made!

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Friday Favorites 4.11.14

11 Apr

New to the social sewing calendar this week are the zippy top sew along, boardwalk hoodie sew along, #pinkapril, May round of Project Sewn, Pretty Girls Sew skirt sew along, spring top sew along,  & the ugly ducking pattern party!

I’d love to hear what you’re sewing along with next week!


It seems like most parenting stories that come across my twitter feed are rants, so it was a breath of fresh air to read “Mom Announces Her Son Is Transgender In The Best Way” on Huffington Post.

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pixel Friday Favorites 4.11.14