3 Fall Raglans – It’s Kids Clothes Week!

It’s Kids Clothes Week! And I started a day too early! I thought I was totally on top of it, and that it started on Sunday, only to log-in and be reminded that it’s not until tomorrow. Oh well! Hopefully this post will remind YOU of the starting date. If you haven’t heard of Kids Clothes Week, the premise is simple – sew for an hour each day, for your own kids, for a week. You can read more here; there is also a site to upload your projects if you’d like, or you can hashtag on Instagram, etc.

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Halloween Hacks Round-Up #3

You only have 4 days left to enter the digital scavenger hunt here!

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From the collage, top to bottom, left to right:

I am Officially a Professional Crafter & How it Relates to Cutting My Own Hair

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I have a project in the 2014 Winter Issue of ‘Modern Holidays’ from Stitch*! A little blue fox felt ornament, and since they pay their contributors I can now officially say I am a professional crafter.  The process started way back in February when I submitted my proposal, so I’ve had time to reflect. My experience both in sewing and writing tutorials has grown since then, and I’m a little surprised that they not only accepted my project but that I thought I should even apply in the first place. But I’ve never been a stranger to ignoring what I “ought” to attempt; I’ve been cutting my own hair since I was a teenager! (If you want to skip the navel-gazing, towards the end I share what exactly I submitted and some helpful articles on magazine publication)

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