English Paper Pieced Bunny Rabbit Pattern

EPP Hexagon Bunny Applique

You might be surprised to see an EPP geometric bunny rabbit applique pattern from me, since I already told you I just tried it for the first time recently, but this was so easy and fun! I completed the entire thing during a nap-time, which is so satisfying. Download the free pattern, grab a few scraps, and stitch up some Spring bunny rabbits! Continue reading…

Gelatin Printing – Try Something New Every Month

Gelatin Printing

This was my March project for ‘Try Something New Every Month'; you can see my other past projects and read more about TSNEM here. I’ll be sharing a fun round-up of gelatin printing inspiration and ideas next week, too!

I had never heard of gelatin printing until Abby tweeted about it and I was intrigued. I really like seeing other people experiment with printmaking and I am brainstorming more printmaking experiments! I think gelatin printing is especially fun because it has a pretty low cost to try; I used my fancy brayer but all you really need is two boxes of gelatin (I used Knox brand).

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“Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love” by Hillary Lang – Sewing Book Review

Wee Wonderfuls Book Review

Working through my extensive craft/sewing book collection, it’s time for another review! The author, Hillary Lang, blogs at Wee Wonderfuls and I shared her Pointy Kitty pattern in this round-up of free softie patterns & matching kid’s books.

I picked this up at my local Half Price Books and couldn’t resist poking through it! The ‘style’ of most of the projects is more cutesy than I’m normally drawn to, but part of that is the fabric choices. A few of the dolls looked very familiar, reminiscent of the ‘Black Apple’ doll from the Black Apple shop that was shared on Martha Stewart. There are lots of fun extras, like a doll quilt and clothes for the dolls. I appreciate how quite a few are actually also toys, like the dress-up doll pillow and puppets.

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