WordPress Plugins for Creative Bloggers & Shop Owners


WordPress is awesome. It can also be overwhelming, which is why I want to keep this post as a living document where I can add or delete plugins as they are recommended to me.

This is a list of the plugins I’m currently using and other that have been recommended to me by bloggers I trust. I would LOVE to hear some of your favorites, just email me!

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Golden Rippy Cinnabar Sky Top – Pattern Review

PDF sewing patterns that are nursing-accessible will be my focus for any Stephanie-sewing in the months to come. For the first several months of my son’s cluster feeding I stayed at home, in the dead of winter, in my (grotty) pajamas. This time around, I will have a two year old to entertain and chase so I’m thinking more nursing in public will be on the agenda! Enter the  Cinnabar Sky Top & Dress from Golden Rippy.

I did receive the pattern for free; I was supposed to test but had printer issues and wasn’t able to!

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Learn + Craft for Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, & Kwanzaa

Craft Ideas for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Yule

A few weeks before Thanksgiving, my Pinterest feed developed a serious case of red & green. Christmas DIYs are everywhere you look online and I was really taken aback looking at some of Jo-Ann’s holiday inspirations in that they didn’t even include a nod to anything other than Christmas! I wanted to do two things – 1. Learn more about the three other winter holidays I was aware of (Yule, Hanukkah, & Kwanzaa) 2. Pull together some fun crafts that I could do with my son in the future.

It turned into a much bigger project than I entailed! I really enjoyed researching and am embarrassed how little I knew about Yule & Kwanzaa. I am definitely not trying to represent myself as an instant expert on any of these three holidays; if you think I have misrepresented something or left something important out, please tell me!

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Blog Planning & Printable Calendar for 2015

Free 2015 Blog Calendar and Organization Printables

 Time to get your blog plan organized for 2015! I’m expecting baby2 in early March so I’m trying to hustle and have things scheduled out for a month or two before then. There are lots of free printables out there but nothing fit exactly what I wanted and I found myself erasing, writing, white-outing to ugliness each month. For 2015 I have a different plan! I’m sharing both the Publisher & a PDF file for the calendar in case you want to customize for yourself, as well as links to other free printables if mine isn’t your style.

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