Melanie Modkid Tunic – Pattern Review

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Modkid’s Melanie Tunic (there is also a girl’s version)

Fabric I used:

Blue stripes are Target sheets* & red/blue print is a vintage remnant

Changes I made:

I added a small line of ruching on the sleeve.

What I might do if I make it again:

I would make it with short sleeves! I think the proportions are a little heavy with the swing-y bodice and the 3/4 length sleeves.

Overall thoughts on the garment:

I like it! It is a blousier silhouette than I am normally drawn to, but it’s super comfy and modern. Pockets are always a plus.

Overall thoughts on the pattern:

Just like my Modkid Breeann, the pattern is 100% professional and comes together easily. I did think the arms were a little baggy, but that could be a product of my fabric choice. The directions are clear and easy. This is a great pattern to use up remnants on the sides and pockets!

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Perfect for wearing with leggings that don’t have pockets – just stick your phone in your tunic.

12961707475 bed41ce027 Melanie Modkid Tunic   Pattern Review

The back! I used the sheets’ existing hems, so there are two spots where it looks wonky but.. it’s Target’s fault!

Want to see other versions of the Melanie?

*affiliate link

Friday Favorites 4.18.14

This week I added Moss Making Month & the next round of Project Sewn to the Social Sewing Calendar!


I’m not sure what to call this.. life advice? General wisdom? At any rate, “What Seems Obvious to You Could Help Someone Else” By Sarah Von Bargen published at is so great. It can apply to pretty much anything – the first example that pops into my mind is how we took our son home from the hospital. We’d both looked over the car seat manual, had the installation checked, but when it came to actually putting him into the carseat we were misled by the hospital nurse. She had us put his legs frogged out, over the hip straps, and we kept doing it that way for 3 weeks until I emerged from a postpartum haze, finally decided it really didn’t look right, and read the manual again. If only someone had said something!


 We cut out artificial colorings and try to avoid weird food additives, but it’s never so tempting to gobble red#40 as at Easter. Starburst jelly beans are heavenly, and the only close substitute I’ve found are Surf Sweets jelly beans *. SO GOOD. Our local grocery store carries them in the natural section, but they’re way cheaper on Amazon. Absolutely delicious.


il 570xN.588996642 nd5d Friday Favorites 4.18.14 Chicks In Hats. Need I say more?


Phew! This has been a fast week with lots of travels to see family. I’ve been working towards planning out my monthly sewing and blogging better, but completely forgot about accounting for holidays and travel time. I’d love to hear about what you’ve been making or pinning on Pinterest lately!

DIY Animal Ear Headband – Plastic Canvas Blog Hop!


DIY Animal Ear Headband Swoodson Says 1 DIY Animal Ear Headband   Plastic Canvas Blog Hop!

People seem to either love Twitter or think its popularity is ludicrous. I am on the love end of the spectrum, and it was a random tweet from Diane, @craftypod , that spurred my participation in this round of the Plastic Canvas Blog Hop. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even have a mental image of what plastic canvas was until I clicked over and looked at some of her past PC projects and hops.

 DIY Animal Ear Headband   Plastic Canvas Blog Hop!

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