10 Indie Patterns to Sew for Yourself this Fall

10 Indie Patterns to Sew for Fall

 I know my Mom will ask me; indie = independent! I love jeans & hoodie weather so I actually started browsing around and making this list back in July. I tried to seek out designers I hadn’t sewn before and some that I know and love – you’ll notice there are only 9 pictures, I didn’t hear back in time from one designer if it was okay to use their picture. The pattern is linked in the list below though!

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A Crafting Interruption – 6 Books I Love

 Almost a month ago, movers packed up our stuff, we lived in hotels for a few days, and started settling into our new house and city. Which means it has been almost a month since I’ve sewn, painted, cut, or crafted anything! I looked back at the Instagram picture to remind myself what my sewing room looked like mid-packing.

We moved to a relatively large city in Iowa, yet you would think we’d relocated to a remote island for the effort it’s taken to get Internet set up. I think sometimes bloggers almost fetishize the notion of “disconnecting” and taking an online break, but I don’t have anything poetic to say about the experience. I enjoy settling in on the couch to go through emails, read other blogs, and work on my posts – so not having wi-fi really put a cramp on my late night routine. We’re finally working on unpacking the basement so I can actually make some things but in the meantime, I’ve spent much of my free time rereading some of my favorite books. I don’t usually post about reading, but here are the top 6 that have entertained me for a second (or third) time during the move.

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