Leopard Maternity Top – Hey June! Union St. Tee -Selfish Sewing Week

It’s Selfish Sewing Week! I was thrilled to be invited to sew along and it was just the kick in the pants I needed to make myself something fabulous. Maternity clothes are SO BORING. 90% of them seem to be black and the other 10% are striped. Maybe I’m the only pregnant person ever to want some leopard in her life, I don’t know! (P.S., I’m pregnant! Haha. I kept meaning to do a creative announcement but between the moving and the morning sickness it didn’t happen. Due in early March 2015!)

As a part of SSW I received a copy of the Union St. Tee pattern from Hey June for free but all opinions are my own! You can find the pattern here. Be sure to visit Rachael at Imagine Gnats for the kick-off and a huge pattern giveaway and check it out on Kollaborra here.

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How to Save Money While Sewing

 I see the question “Do you really save money sewing?” pop up frequently in online sewing groups. It’s a tough question because there are so many variables, but I do think there are ways to save money while sewing no matter what you’re making. Obviously, the best way to save money while sewing? Stop shopping. Often I decide on a new project and find myself drawn to my laptop, searching for a fun fabric to match with my vision. The problem? I have plenty of fabric already in my basement!

 I love this drawing by Sarah Lazarovic on “The Buyerarchy of Needs”; “using what you have” is becoming my new mantra! I wish borrowing or swapping was feasible but my friends who sew are few and far between.

I’ve rounded up my favorite tips and ideas for saving on patterns, notions, & fabric below – if I’ve missed any ideas I’d love to hear from you!

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