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How to make bookmarks from old books

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How to make bookmarks from old books – an easy upcycle craft with book pages.

How to make bookmarks from old books

I cannot resist when there are dying, damaged books in the bins at my local Goodwill Outlet. The beautiful illustrations don’t deserve to end up trashed even if they aren’t readable anymore! I have so much fun turning them into something beautiful and useful, so now I’m sharing the creative inspiration for how to make bookmarks from old books so hopefully you can too!

upcycled bookmark with tassel

I’ll show you the different designs I made in this batch – here these are a mixture of washi tape, book pages, and stickers.

bookmarks made from old books

More washi tape and book pages – stamps would work really well here too, I was just too lazy to pull them out the day I was working on them.

old books made into bookmarks

Some super simple ones with just pages and stickers.

collage bookmark diy

I like these phrase stickers – fun fact, I had them in my cart and then found them also in the goodwill bins the next week!

fun tween craft making old book bookmarks

I couldn’t get the camera to focus on it for some reason, but I ripped out a dictionary page and highlighted ‘science fiction’ for the Star Wars bookmark – there is also glittery jelly roll pen outlining things that don’t pick up in a photo well.

fun teen craft diy bookmarks

Here I used paint pens to jazz some of the designs up; the blue daschund is my least favorite of the bunch but still sharing for creative inspiration.

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upcycled book craft

Ready to see how they’re made? It’s pretty simple!

How to make bookmarks from old books

bookmark craft supplies



step 1 diy bookmarks

Step 1- Cut some base bookmarks from cardstock! I didn’t measure these, just chopped it up.

bookmark making tip

step 2 how to make bookmarks

Step 2- Next is the fun part – cutting out the illustrations you want to include. I like holding it up to the window to get a sense of proportions before cutting.

step 3 upcycled bookmarks

Step 3- Add some layers! Here is washi tape as a background; you could paint, stamp, use patterened cardstock, etc. Glue on the other accent pieces/stick on the stickers.

step 4 bookmark tutorial

Step 4- optional – round corners if you’d like. You can buy a corner punch, which I did and cannot find it, or just trace something round as shown here. Also punch a hole at this point if you’re adding a tassel.
step 5 laminated diy bookmarks

Step 5- Also optional, but I like laminating so they last a good long time!

handmade bookmark to sell at craft fairs

Step 6- trim the lamination and repunch the tassel hole – add a tassel! You’re done!

upcycled book bookmarks

I think this would make a great group craft and for any ages, hope you get a chance to try it!

Sharing is caring!

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Wednesday 31st of January 2024

This is such a fun idea! My six-year-old is an avid reader and often has a a couple chapter books and a graphic novel going. I know he'd enjoy the project of making bookmarks. And I love the chance to use the laminator whenever I can. LOL

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