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How To Make A No Sew Fabric Bookmark

I love using up fabric scraps and can never have enough bookmarks, so this fast and easy craft shows you how to make a no sew fabric bookmark! It’s hard to find ideas to use up knit fabric scraps (I have a huge list of them in this post!) but this craft perfectly uses up those weird long strips you end up with after cutting out clothes. Most craft stick ideas are for kids, but I think these would be a perfect gift for an adult. They kept my place in the embroidery book I was looking at; I think I’ll make a few more and slide them into my purse for when I’m reading on the go.

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Isn’t that owl peeking out cute! That pattern is in the Mollie Makes embroidery book, you can see a review I wrote of it here.

Aren’t they cheery and colorful! The blue floral is Birch Fabrics* and the teal floral is Art Gallery Fabrics*. You could totally DIY a tassel to go with these, but I just happened to have some on hand (a random, can’t pass that clearance craft supply up purchase). If you wanted to make these with kids, you could pre-drill the holes and then have them use a large sewing needle to draw the tassel through the hole.



1- Coat one side of your craft stick with mod podge, an even and light coat.

2- Smooth the glue side on to the wrong side of the fabric, pushing down with your finger and press firmly. Use scissors or a rotary cutter to cut around, using the stick as a guide. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for the backside, if desired.

3- Use a pen or marker to dot where you want the tassel to tie in; I centered mine roughly 1/2″ down from the top edge.

4-Carefully drill through on your spot. Check that the fabric on the other side is not getting twisted – if it keeps getting caught, peel it back slightly and drill the hole through the wood, then re-glue the fabric down.

5- Measure roughly 8″ of embroidery floss and thread it through your tassel.

6- Thread your floss through the hole and tie a knot, sliding it to hide it inside the tassel.

Repeat, repeat, repeat because these are so fast and fun to make!

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