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“Mollie Makes Embroidery: Adorable Stitched Projects Plus Tips & Tricks” – a Book Review

Mollie Makes Embroidery Book Review

Time for the monthly book review! This is a relatively new addition to my bookshelf, given to me in a sweet bundle. I am very much an embroidery beginner but I love the range of ideas and projects this book includes, along with the super helpful stitching diagrams in the back.

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Squirrel Embroidery

I chose the very first project in the book to try, a ‘simple stitch hoop picture’ of a little geometric squirrel. We’re working on my son’s room with a ‘quirky outdoors’ theme, so it will fit perfectly! I haven’t decided whether I’ll keep it in the hoop or frame it (or do something else? any suggestions?) but I’m really happy with how it turned out.

squirrel zentangle hand embroidery

I’m already planning on tackling another project, the alphabet sampler shown on the cover that’s designed by Wendi Gratz! I’m going to invest in some of this printable transfer stuff* so I can copy the design by machine instead of by hand though. Have you ever used it?

“Mollie Makes Embroidery: Adorable Stitched Projects Plus Tips & Tricks”* from Mollie Makes

Publisher: Interweave


A variety of stitches, motifs, and projects. Each project is completely different in style and form from the next, and there is a great illustrated guide for a ton of stitches at the back.

Project List Overview:

Mollie Makes Pages2

Mollie Makes Pages1

Simple Stitch Hoop Pictures / In the Frame Greeting Cards /Russian Dolls Wall Hanging / Cloud-shaped Pillow / Folk Art Throw / Pretty Posy Ribbon Runner / Mama and Baby Owl Ornaments / Cross Stitch iPhone Covers / Busy Bee Kindle Case / Kitty Cats Tea Cozy / Ladybird Needlework Set / Alphabet Sampler Picture / Crewelwork Clutch Bag / Retro Floral Canvaswork Cushion / Bargello Cuff Bracelet

Stitch Techniques Overview:

Basic stitches / Straight stitches / Satin stitches / Crossed stitches / Knotted stitches / Looped Stitches / Laced Stitches / Crewelwork Embroidery / Silk Ribbon Embroidery / Counted Cross stitch / Canvaswork /Bargello / Free-motion Machine Embroidery



  •  I love the project author bios that are on the first page, with a picture and little blurb. Usually in collaborative project books like this, the author info is at the back or a one liner at the end of the page. It’s fun to put a face with a name!
  • These projects are so unique and diverse. It’s nice to see different styles, motifs, and levels of intricacy.


  • I really hate enlarging things; I have a copier on my printer but it’s always a guessing game. It’s especially annoying when the design would easily fit on a page, like the squirrel I did.
  • The cursive writing introducing each project at the very top was hard to read.


Here is a shot of the technical illustration  to give you an idea of what that looks like!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.