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4 Free Knit Beanie Hat Sewing Patterns – Tested!

Toddler Slouchy Beanie Sewing Patterns

I love knit hats on my son! He has a giant noggin (measures about 20.25″) and has grown out of the store-bought baby section but youth sized knit hats are harder to find. I figured with Spring coming it was a perfect time to try some of the free patterns I’ve seen floating around – and wanted to share the results. Let me know if I missed any that you’ve used before!

I mostly used upcycled t-shirts for these, but if you’re in the market for new knit fabric you can see some of my favorite shops in this post.

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4 free sewing patterns for knit fabric beanie hats, tested for a toddler. Great knit fabric scrap buster!

I think beanies are such a fun gift; I sewed these for my toddler son but one of them goes down to baby sizes – I have over 100 free baby sewing patterns, here!

Free Toddler Sewing patterns

I tried 4 patterns; from top left clockwise ,thanks to See Kate Sew, imagine gnats, Delia Creates, and Heidi & Finn. They all have a different size range, which I included in the notes for each one, but they’re all my favorite price – free.

I think it’s important to remember that fit and aesthetics are going to depend greatly on the fabric you use – if it feels nice and thick, with a good amount of stretch, it will look and wear better. Don’t forget to always use a stretch stitch and ballpoint needles with knit fabric! I tried each one in ugly, junk knit to check sizing before I used stuff I liked.

I used my serger* for all seams and then on the darts, used my sewing machine to round them off so they weren’t as pointy. The top two I just re-used the existing hems and adjusting the pattern’s length accordingly.

Delia Creates Beanie

Pattern: Ribbed Beanie by Delia Creates

Size: Includes Newborn through 4-10 years. Sewn in size 18m-3y.

Fabric: Upcycled t-shirt(s) + ribbing from Jo-Ann Fabrics

Thoughts: This pattern is the only ‘non-slouchy’ one and it fits the tightest as well (taking the lining out would make it looser). This was my son’s favorite, I think he likes how snug it was across his forehead. The pattern printed strangely, cutting off the bottom, but I just used the bottom of the page as the bottom of the pattern. It has little bear ears too, which would be cute!

imagine gnats beanie

Pattern: Slouchy Beanie by Dandelion Drift for imagine gnats

Size: Includes Baby through adult small. Sewn in size child small.

Fabric: Upcycled t-shirt

Thoughts: This one is unique! I like the shape of the top. It fit the loosest; I have a big head and the adult size fit me just fine. I think this is my favorite, although I might need to tighten the seam allowance a little for better fit on his face.

See Kate Sew Beanie

Pattern: Slouchy Beanie byย  See Kate Sew

Size: One size, toddler only.

Fabric: Upcycled t-shirt

Thoughts: This is the simplest and very quick to sew. It was a little gnome-y on him, but that might be different with a different shaped head. I probably wouldn’t sew this one again.

Heidi and Finn Beanie

Pattern: Slouchy Beanie by Heidi & Finn

Size: Includes 6m-12m through 3T-6 years. Sewn in size 12m-2t

Fabric: Art Gallery Commuter Knit from imagine gnats

Thoughts: This is my close second favorite, I think the shape is really nice. It does take more fabric because of how it’s drafted; none of my t-shirts were wide enough to upcycle!


There are a few I saw that didn’t appeal to me for a toddler, you can check them out!:

Are you sewing any beanies for your kid(s) or yourself this spring? I am sure some of these will be making appearances in other outfit posts – I am a sucker for “hipster” baby styles. These hats would be so cute paired with some matching knit pants, like the set I sewed in this post, and then check out 4 free baby pants patterns in this post.

4 Free Baby Pants Sewing Patterns, all sewn up and tested on Swoodsonsays.com


Free Beanie Patterns Tested

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