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Sewing Blogger Interview – Alicia from Felt With Love Designs

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Alicia blogs at Felt With Love Designs and shares some awesome kids projects. I think it was her Ocean Exploration Finger Puppet set that first caught my eye – and I can’t get on Pinterest without bumping into her Turkey Button quiet book page.

In preparation for a mini-maternity leave I asked some of my favorite bloggers to answer a few questions, read on to hear more from Alicia!

What are 2 of your favorite posts from your own blog & why?


We had a lot of fun with this project and Monkey LOVES to play with the dolls. I still need to make the playmat to go along with them (add that to my list of UFOs.) The storage pouch is such a simple design but I love the way it looks. I also really like the photos I took for the post (and my creative use of Legos as “water”.)


I also really like this one. I love how her costume turned out and the post hasn’t gotten much attention. I spent a lot of time on the costume and she still wears the jacket. I made all the pieces sturdy enough for her to use for dress up for a while and she absolutely loves it.


What drives you to create things?


I love making things. It’s a form of stress release and makes me feel productive among the semi-mundane tasks of a stay-at-home mom. I love upcycling, especially “old” clothes and I love making toys for Monkey that encourage her to use her imagination and learn new things.


Do you have any exciting projects, patterns, life changes, and/or blog changes planned for 2015?


Yes! Lots of excitement planned for 2015! My biggest goal for 2015 is to get my pattern shop started. I created a newsletter earlier this year and plan to release an exclusive pattern to my newsletter subscribers each month. (You can sign up for my newsletter here). I also submitted my first tutorial/pattern to be published in a magazine One Thimble – Issue 6* (Alicia’s affiliate link). I’m really excited about that and would love to submit a few more patterns in the coming year.


I also have a lot of fun projects planned. I think I will try to join you in tackling my UFOs [Stephanie: see the post Alicia’s referencing here!]. I am launching a quiet book page a month series on So Sew Easy and a series of circus-themed toys for On the Cutting Floor. It’s a long time in the future, but I have a lot of holiday projects that I never got around to last year and the year before. I would like to finish those this year as well.


What creative maker, blogger, or shop owner has caught your eye recently?


I did a blog tour for Darcy’s (Ginger House Designs) first pattern, the Emerson Dress. Her pattern was extremely well done and she is great to work with. I would definitely recommend her shop to everyone looking for girl’s clothing patterns and I’m really looking forward to seeing her new patterns.



Has anything about blogging surprised you?


The amount of work it takes to get a single post up! Between creating, taking and editing photos, writing, scheduling, promoting … it’s A LOT more work than I realized. However, the entire experience has been very rewarding and I’ve met a lot of fun, interesting people.


What’s one creative technique/medium/style you haven’t tried?


Crochet. I learned to knit a long time ago but I’ve never learned to crochet. I’ve heard it’s not hard and I’ve been curious to learn but haven’t had the time.



I completely agree that it always surprises me how long one post can take – and then how much time sharing it around can take! Even after a year of ‘taking it seriously’ I always underestimate how much time a project will take me.

Do you have any questions for Alicia? Ask them in the comments and I’ll make sure she sees them!



Sharing is caring!

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Alicia @ Felt With Love Designs

Thursday 19th of March 2015

Thank you for having me :)

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