A Boy’s Easter Outfit – Bunny Butt Pants and Carrot T-shirt!

It’s getting closer to Easter! And I wanted to play, I mean sew, along with Project Run & Play Season 9! This week’s theme is “Put Me In The Zoo” so I went very, very literal so I could ‘double dip’ and make something for Easter too! You can read about Project Run & Play on their website here.

The patterns I used were Terra’s Treasures Monkey Pants & See Kate Sew’s Recess Raglan* (shocker, I know!). The fabric is all upcycled, with the ears appliqued and the face and carrot are hand embroidered. I have studied exactly zero about embroidery. I have no idea what I’m doing. There was a huge bag of floss and hoops at the thrift store for super cheap, I bought it, and I embroider when it occurs to me! I had planned on appliqueing the face and sharing the pattern but I ended up just embroidering the whole thing. I like that I can do embroidery in the car, or while my son plays, so I really ought to figure out what I’m doing and read up.

Lots of folks think of button-down shirts and frilly dresses as Easter clothes, but we’re a pretty laid back family. I’m all about comfy and cute, and I think this outfit is both!

Tiny carrot! I figured by keeping it subtle, then I can use the t-shirt separately after Easter as well.

Here is a side shot with the ears a-flappin’. So cute!

Lastly, the up close shot of the bunny butt. I just love how these turned out!

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    • swoodsonsays   •     Author

      Thanks Courtney!

  1. Lisa   •  

    Love the bunny butt! I’ve got a new little coming this Autumn, I’ll have to make a few of these!

    • swoodsonsays   •     Author

      Thanks Lisa – and congrats!

    • swoodsonsays   •     Author

      Thanks Lindsay!

    • swoodsonsays   •     Author

      Thanks Magda!

    • swoodsonsays   •     Author

      Thanks Jamie!

  2. Kathy   •  

    oh my goodness, this is adorable. Reminds me of hanna andersson, but cuter!!

    • swoodsonsays   •     Author

      Thank you Kathy!

  3. Tjbuck   •  

    Thanks so much for sharing!! This is the cutest little boy outfit I have seen in a while!! I have the pants pattern but not the shirt!! I have to try this. It is so sweet!

    • swoodsonsays   •     Author

      Thank you!

  4. Amy   •  

    This is too cute! I may be stealing this idea :)

    • swoodsonsays   •     Author

      Please do!!

  5. Audrey   •  

    Love the pocket with the carrot! So cute.

    • swoodsonsays   •     Author

      Thanks Audrey!

  6. Rachel   •  

    What a fun outfit! I’m a fan of Terra’s but I don’t have these pants, they’re really cute.

  7. Jennifer Lachman   •  

    That is such a sweet Easter outfit. Absolutely adorable. You did a great job on the embroidery as well.

    • swoodsonsays   •     Author

      Thanks so much!

    • swoodsonsays   •     Author


    • swoodsonsays   •     Author

      Thanks Stacy!

  8. Sarah H   •  

    Those are the cutest pants EVER! Just adorable…I may have to buy that pattern :)

    • swoodsonsays   •     Author

      Buy it, buy it!

    • swoodsonsays   •     Author

      Thanks Olga!

  9. Emily   •  

    These are so cute! You did a great job!

    • swoodsonsays   •     Author

      Thanks Emily!

  10. Jessica E   •  

    These turned out sooo cute! And the embroidery looks great too!

    • swoodsonsays   •     Author

      Thanks Jessica!

    • swoodsonsays   •     Author

      Thank you!

  11. Kristi Andres   •  

    That is so fun! I love the bunny butt as well!! :)

    • swoodsonsays   •     Author

      Thanks so much Kristi!

  12. Ajaire   •  

    Those little bunny teeth are adorable. And I love that you left the ears floppy. These are seriously so cute.

    • swoodsonsays   •     Author

      Thanks Ajaire! I wish I’d done something panda like you did – my son has loved them since he was a baby ha!

    • swoodsonsays   •     Author

      Thanks so much liZ!

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