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Free ghost cross stitch pattern

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halloween crossstitch design

Second time’s a charm! I’m updating this old post to share the free ghost cross stitch pattern that I tried several years ago. It was originally published in an online craft magazine that no longer exists, so the designer is letting me share it with you for free! You can download the pattern to try at the end of this post. Find more Halloween cross stitch patterns in this post!

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Stitch up this cute free ghost cross stitch pattern for Halloween! Free chart download for a Halloween cross stitch pattern to make and hang on the wall. #halloween #crossstitch #needlework

I’m so excited to fill my house with diy holiday decor!

Ghost cross stitch design

halloween cross stitch with a ghost

This pattern came from the Fall 2014 issue of The WhipperCrafter, an online craft magazine from Rebel Craft Media. Rebel Craft Media has since gone out of business, which is a bummer.  I tried this as a part of my TSNEM (try something new every month) project. As a first try, it didn’t go perfectly, I misread a cross-stitch 101 tutorial and thought I was supposed to use all 6 strands of floss. Starting from the very middle was also a first try mistake, and the counting stressed me out. I put it down, ignored it for a few months, and then picked it up again at the end of my pregnancy. I went from left to right, and used two strands, and it went way better!

As you can see, it’s not perfect. Going from left to right way way easier than from the center, but what I didn’t do was check each row as I went. Then I got to the right side of the ghost and realized I’d messed up the left, but just had to try and wing it so it was symmetrical. I hot glued it around the frame’s mat and stuck it in.

Failed attempt #1 is on the left and then #2 on the right! I blew up the pattern bigger so it was easier on my eyes to count.

free halloween cross stitch pattern ghost

Here you can see it stitched up by the pattern designer, I love the pop of orange!

Download the free ghost cross stitch pattern and try it yourself with this link! This is shared generously with permission from Courtney Kyle.

Sharing is caring!

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Katy M.

Monday 28th of September 2015

I love cross stitching! It's one of my original craft obsessions...from way back in middle school. Your ghost is adorbs. I love some good snark.

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Sunday 4th of October 2015

Middle school! That's awesome. I wish my Mom had taught me more back when I lived at home!

Serviced Apartments London Lady

Thursday 24th of September 2015

Love this, it's so cute - and absolutely perfect for Halloween!


Wednesday 23rd of September 2015

I super love cross stitch. For me it's almost mindless which makes it a great tv watching activity cause I can't sit still to watch tv. I've also done it since I was really young though, which is probably why it feels so easy and familiar. Embroidery takes more concentration for me since you can take liberties and make things sort of any way you want. I like how in cross stitch there's a specific map that you are supposed to follow. :)

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Saturday 26th of September 2015

I was just showing my Mom your storytime sampler from Instagram! I have a friend who says the same thing as you for cross-stitch - it sounds like similar veins of thought with English vs. Math in school subjects :)


Tuesday 22nd of September 2015

I like the white on black background and the design is really fun. I used to do cross stitch in high school but the style of the cross stitch patterns I remember seeing then doesn't appeal to me now. Seems like there may be a way to make cross stitch modern and fun, though, so I may need to look at it again.

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Saturday 26th of September 2015

There is lots of modern stuff out there! I have some fun modern ones on my Pinterest board: You should try it again :)

jeanne e.

Tuesday 22nd of September 2015

your ghostie is very cute! well done! :) i love cross stitch (and embroidery). i find cross stitch meditative...most of the time. i love the look of cross stitch on linen but have come to realize that i don't enjoy actually cross stitching on is slow going for me, it wigs out my eyes...whereas, on 14 count aida, i cruise along and can enjoy the process. but if you keep enjoying cross stitch, you should defnitely try a small project on linen...a lot of people love stitching on it! Have you seen the patterns from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery ( They are super cute! :) and i find a lot of my patterns on etsy. oh, and Satsuma Street (, Tiny Modernist (, The Floss Box ( many cool shops to check out...too many. :)

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Saturday 26th of September 2015

Cool, I hadn't thought about linen, I've never used it for embroidery or sewing! Going to check out all your links now, thanks so much I hadn't heard of the last two but I love the first two! Thanks Jeanne!

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