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DIY Babywearing Convertible Purse Tutorial

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Get outdoors hands free, with this convertible hip pouch sewing tutorial! Slide it onto your baby carrier, your belt, or use the wrist strap and get outdoors with your essentials. The perfect thing to sew for the outdoorsy person in your life.

I bought the fabric for this project over two years ago, back when my son was a toddler and riding in this carrier! I can’t believe it took me so long to finally make this convertible hip pouch – it is exactly what I’ve wished I had each morning when we set out on adventures. All I want is to keep a snack, my phone, and my keys handy. With my daughter in a carrier on my back, I can’t reach the pocket on the waistband. Problem solved with this babywearing purse tutorial!

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babywearing pouch belt

I tend to grab bars on my way out the door and eat them while we drive somewhere, so I was happy to try the new Pure Protein Plus Bars*. They have four flavors: Cookies and Cream, Mocha Brownie, Apple Pie, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Bars are the best snack option for me since we usually head out every morning to a park or for a hike.

modern bag sewing tutorial

The bag is designed to keep everything at hand when you’re on the go – there is enough space for keys, a phone, and snacks. I’m hoping that using this and eating protein bars will keep me away from the drive-throughs! It has a detachable wrist strap so it can be used by itself as well.

elastic babywearing pouch

The elastic makes it easy to fit and super flexible, it just slides on.

free bag sewing tutorial

You can get a feel for how much room there is and also take a peek at the magnetic closure.

diy simple bag to sew

This will also be the perfect in between purse to take my wallet and sunglasses in, like a mega wallet!

diy convertible fanny pack sewing tutorial

You can see how it rests when it is on a carrier – nice and comfy! The interfacing isn’t too stiff so it bends with you as you hike and play.

How to sew a convertible wristlet purse that is perfect for babywearing. Babywearing accessories can be expensive to buy, so sew your own bag and slid it on to your waistband for hiking!

Ready to make one yourself and stop lugging around a heavy bag on the trails?




I highly recommend reading through the entire process before starting; there are several steps that can be done in a different order and it will just be up to your preference!

1- First, let’s cut rectangles. You’ll need (2) of outer fabric, lining fabric, and interfacing, all measuring 6.5″ wide X 13.5″ tall. You’ll need (1) of outer fabric, measuring 3″ wide X 19″ tall. You’ll need (1) of outer fabric, measuring 4″ wide X 3.5″ tall. You’ll also need to cut the elastic into (2) 6″ pieces. Press the interfacing on to the outer fabric, on the wrong side.

step 1

2- Pin and then sew the two elastic pieces on the right side of one of your outer rectangles. Fold a hem on each end, about 1/2″ down and then place them about 1.5″ in from each side. The top of each elastic piece is roughly 5″ down from the top short edge. Sew an X-box on each elastic end, securing it to the fabric firmly.

step 2(1)

3-Lay the zipper right sides together with one outer rectangle, and then layer the lining fabric right side down on top of it. Sew along the top edge of the zipper (using a zipper foot will make it easier!).

step 3(1)

4- Flip both layers wrong sides together, press carefully, and top stitch along the edge.

step 4(2)

5- Make the same sandwich with right sides together on the other side of the zipper, sew, and top stitch as before.

step 5

6- Take the shorter rectangle and press it in half, open it back up and then press each long side in to meet at the crease you created. Fold in half, encasing raw ends, and press well. Top stitch down each long side.

step 6

7- Fold it in half and align raw edges, leaving the loop facing in and aligned with the top of the elastic. Baste.

step 9

8- Repeat step 6 with the longer rectangle but fold the raw short ends in before sewing. Loop through the d-ring and the other end through the swivel ring, and sew to secure. This is your wristlet strap.

step 7

9- Make sure that your zipper is half open and lay out your pouch, with linings together and exteriors together. You are going to trip the zipper ends and sew all the way around with 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving a gap 4-5″ at the bottom, large enough to fit your hand through. After sewing, gently pull the pouch through the hole you left open and gently poke the corners out.

step 8

10- Place your magnetic purse closure where you prefer – wiggling your hand inside to guide it and insert the fastener inside. I prefer doing this step last, to make sure it lines up well! Once that is set in, sew up the opening in the bottom of the lining and push it back into the pouch. You’re done!

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PicMonkey Collage

Do you eat protein bars? Do you stuff your phone in the waistband of your pants like I used to before I sewed this pouch?

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  1. This is fantastic! I wish I’d had this when my daughter was younger. I was always wondering what to do with my phone, wallet, etc When babywearing! #client

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