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DIY Stamped Metal Labels – Try Something New Every Month

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I tried my hand at metal stamping! I cut up a soda can for the “blank” and used a cheapie stamping set to try and make a tag to sew on to my projects. I love the look of custom tags but haven’t bit the bullet in ordering any. I saw a set of stamped garden markers made from soda can material on Pinterest, and thought it might work for sewing too!

This is my June project for Try Something New Every Month; you can see more details about TSNEM 2016, and join in with us, in this post.

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I started with a friend’s beer can; we aren’t big drinkers and usually have people BYOB. After grilling out earlier in the week, I had a few cans to experiment with!


A serrated knife pierced the can easily, and then I cut the rest of the way with regular paper scissors.


My first attempt – the far left was my first stamp and I hit it WAY too hard (duh). Spacing was sketchy, at best.hand stamped sewing tag

My second attempt wasn’t a ton better – the W and the N smooshed together! It almost looks like the W is from a different alphabet set, it doesn’t match at all.

metal stamping kit

I cannot even tell you when I bought this; maybe 8, 9 years ago? That is SO EMBARRASSING. I don’t even remember what project I had intended to use them for, but it was a cheap set from Harbor Freight (at the actual brick & mortar store). It looks like $15 is about average if you’re buying a stamping set online* but I want to say it was cheaper than that in stores.

metal stamping soda can

I used a simple nail, old wood scrap, and hammer for my experimenting. After I finished, it occurred to me that maybe this would work on leather? I love the look of leather tooling but I’m not sure what the process is.

In terms of metal tags, you could definitely make it look more polished if you used a stencil for the main shape and painter’s tape for spacing the letters out evenly. It was quick and easy; I didn’t love it or hate it but am intrigued to think of other applications.

I’d like to hear if you’ve seen other creative metal stamping ideas, it seems like Pinterest is chock full of jewelry and plant markers/spoons!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Sharing is Caring

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