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Essential Greenstyle Wardrobe Blog Tour

I am so excited to share the 8 pieces I made for the Essential Greenstyle Wardrobe Blog Tour! Greenstyle Creations is one of my very favorite pattern shops. The Lacy Slope Hooded T-shirt is the first thing I made for myself, and I wear it at least once a week. Angelyn, the owner and designer, is not only responsive and kind, her patterns are easy to sew and wear.

{This post contains affiliate links, indicated by an asterisk*. Please refer to ‘legal stuff’ in the top menu for more info.} I either already owned or was gifted these patterns in exchange for blogging about them; all opinions are my own.

I stay at home with my toddler son, so my clothing needs have changed drastically from when I worked full-time in the non-profit world. My primary concern is if something is comfortable – 90% of my day is spent running, crawling, and playing. When choosing my patterns for the tour, I tried to be cognizant of what I actually will wear versus what I’d like to think I will wear. I hope that you can see yourself sewing and loving some of these looks, and that you give Greenstyle’s patterns a try!

At the risk of making this post an epic novel, I’ve included a few shots of each piece. Some are mixed in with store-bought clothes – under each outfit I noted the Greenstyle pattern, any changes I made, and the fabric source(s).

I received 4 of the patterns from Greenstyle Creations for free, as well as the (amazing) ikat fabric from The Fabric Fairy; but all of my opinions and thoughts are of course my own!

I’d love to know which look you like best, and which pattern you think you’d try first:


First up is my mash-up maxi dress!

DIY Maxi Dress


DIY Maxi Dress Ikat


DIY Maxi Dress

Patterns: Amy Skirt * + Bella Bubble Top* (cardigan & scarf are store bought)

Alterations: I added 8 inches to the top of the Amy skirt, following the pattern’s curve upwards. I chopped off about 6 inches of the Bella Bubble’s sleeves and 5 inches off the bodice hem before sewing them together.

Fabric: Ikat Fabric was generously donated by the Fabric Fairy & black fabric is from Target Jersey Sheets*

Thoughts: I love this dress! It’s stretchy, comfy, and easy to wear. Making a maxi out of a top and skirt pattern allows you to choose the waistline that is most flattering, and the shaped skirt of the Amy pattern gives it great movement as you walk.


 Next up is the Amy maxi skirt, sewn as a skirt!

Greenstyle Amy Skirt

Greenstyle Amy Skirt

Patterns: Amy Skirt *(cardigan, shirt, & scarf are store bought)

Alterations: None!

Fabric: This striped jersey is from Joann Fabrics in their ‘designer knit’ section. I can’t find it on their website, sorry! The hot pink waistband is an activewear Lycra remnant that was thrifted.

Thoughts: I love this skirt! I’ve made simple maxi skirts that were a rectangular shape and they just don’t compare. This flows when you walk and is so flattering. Of course, yoga waistbands cannot be beat; I like wearing mine unfolded so it doesn’t look bumpy under my shirt.


Pants time! These are the Lucy Leggings.

Greenstyle Lucy Leggings

Greenstyle Lucy Leggings


Greenstyle Lucy Leggings

Patterns: Lucy Leggings * &  Lacy Slope Top * (Scarf is handmade, cardigan is store bought)

Alterations: On the leggings, I chopped about 3 inches off the waist rise  and 5 inches off the bottom of the legs. On the top, I shortened the sleeves by about 12 inches and removed the hood, adding a neckline band.

Fabric: Ikat Fabric was generously donated by the Fabric Fairy, black jersey was thrifted, & tie-dyed gauze is from Hancock Fabrics*.

Thoughts: I love this outfit! I was late to the leggings trend, but the comfort level can’t be denied. I included a back view, because the rise is very flattering. I will say that the ikat fabric accentuates curves! I kept checking if I’d cut the fabric off-grain, but it’s just my body shape skewing the pattern. The top is flowy and easy to wear, with a subtle high-low hemline.


Another Lacy Slope!

Greenstyle Lacy Slope


Greenstyle Lacy Slope

Patterns: Lacy Slope Top * (jeans and cardigan are store bought)

Alterations: I cut two front bodice pieces and then cut the hemline straight across. For the waistband, I sewed together two 10″ X 16″ rectangles. I added a neckline band and chopped the sleeves shorter, serging all edges for an exposed look instead of hemming.

Fabric: Grey Hacci Knit from Girl Charlee* (no longer in stock)

Thoughts: I might never take this top off. I am pretty short (5’2) and have a tough time finding drapey shirts that remain flattering. I didn’t use any math to figure out the bottom band; I just played around with fit until it was snug but not too tight. The wind was blowing it in these shots, giving you an idea of the blousy effect.


Now for a Centerfield Raglan and Aspen (Pants) Shorts:

Greenstyle Centerfield Raglan


Greenstyle Centerfield Raglan

Patterns: Aspen Pants* & Centerfield Raglan*

Alterations: Well, I chopped at least a foot off of the Aspens! I traced the Lacy Slope’s hood one inch smaller all the way around and attached it to the Centerfield Raglan bodice, then added a hood binding.

Fabric: Grey & black fabric is from Target Jersey Sheets*, black & pink lycra fabrics are thrifted.

Thoughts: I debated sharing these shorts. They’re certainly not going to thrill anyone – they’re simple, black, and bermuda length. But they are super comfy! I know they will get lots of wear this summer; especially to and from the pool. I had pressed them before the photos, but they were at the very bottom and clearly got shuffled around (my apologies!). I adore raglan sleeves, and this top is already in heavy rotation with jeans. I used the sheet sets’ existing hems, making this a ridiculously quick sew.


Lastly, everyday yoga pants!

Greenstyle Everyday Yoga Pants

Greenstyle Everyday Yoga Pants Centerfield Raglan

Patterns: Everyday Yoga Pants* & Centerfield Raglan*
I cut an inch off the capri length and then trimmed them in FOE (fold over elastic*).

Fabric:Ikat fabric generously donated by the Fabric Fairy , pink lycra is thrifted

Thoughts: You can see my notes on the raglan above, but these pants are awesome. I love the slight flare that is flattering, and again, yoga waistbands are the best.


Wow! Are you sick of seeing my face yet?? I certainly am. Thanks so much for checking out my outfits and learning more about Greenstyle Creations. Her patterns fit so easily into the rest of my closet, and I really enjoyed trying more of them for this blog tour!

Thank you to all of the sponsors of the Essential Greenstyle Wardrobe Blog Tour:

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  1. I love Greenstyle patterns! Everything you’ve made is classic! This is all wearable clothing that will get a ton of use. Thanks for the giveaway! My fingers are crossed!

  2. Oh I love everything. Such a great job with altering the lengths to fit you. My favorite is the black Lacy Slope. I have been holding off on that because it’s getting hot here and I saw it as more of a winter pattern but I absolutely love the summery version you did.

    1. Thank you so much! The Lacy Slope is so versatile; if you end up using it in a summer version, I’d love to see it! Are you in the Greenstyle group on Facebook? Someone just posted a woven version too, it would be awesome in a double gauze I think.

  3. Wow! I love the alterations you did! Even the simple one with the yoga pants and the foe at the bottom is such a nice pop of color! My absolute favorite is the band on the bottom of the lacy slope. I don’t have that pattern yet, but I’m adding it to my wish list now!

    1. Angela, thanks so much for the kind words. The banded lacy slope is so comfy – I wore it to dinner the other night and appreciated that you couldn’t tell how much bread I’d eaten 🙂 I’d love to see if you end up making your own!

  4. Steph these are great!!! I love them!!! I don’t think I could pull off most of the pants but I’m LOVING the tops. I have the lacy pattern and still haven’t made it but I wear my centerfield ALL the time.

  5. I love that you created a basic wardrobe from just a few patterns! The maxi dress is my personal favorite, although the Lacy Slope with the banded bottom is a close second 🙂 I think I might need to make that version for my teenage daughter!

  6. I LOVE your hooded raglan. This might be my new mission! And I’m glad you posted the bermuda shorts. That’s exactly the length I was going to try and make out of the yoga pants pattern! This is a great post!

    1. Chelle, you really do! There are loads of tips and ideas out there – I personally use a ballpoint needle (really the only ‘requirement’ so to speak) and a walking foot. Upcycled shirts are a great way to practice – avoid anything thing and super stretchy! Let me know if you try any, and how it turns out!

    1. I am normally all about comfort, but for some reason if it’s trendy and comfy, it takes me forever to try it. I’m stubborn I guess! But I can’t get enough of leggings and tunics now – you should definitely try a print!

  7. These look amazing! I’ve been on the fence about a couple of these patterns, but I think I’ve been inspired that they’re worth it. You’ve also inspired me to make some similar alterations to the ones I already have. Thank you for sharing!

  8. okay, i’m TOTALLY going to try the FOE at the bottom of my yoga pants! BRILLIANT!!!! Thanks for sharing your awesomely cute Greenstyle creations in this fun blog tour and giveaway!!!

  9. Okay I LOVE all of these pieces / looks! Like you, I’m chasing kiddos around all day – and sewing – so comfy is a MUST! Each piece looks great as a comfy / everyday item but I can definitely see them working with jeans, etc. (some pictured here) for “real” clothes days! 😉 LOVE the tunic with the band at the bottom. Great job!

  10. Okay, after much consideration — the banded Lacy and the Aspen shorts are actually my favorites — I think I’ll add them to the to-sew list! You look gorgeous in all the outfits though!

  11. I love everything! Your fabric choices are awesome especially for the Amy. I went and bought myself the pattern 🙂 let’s see if I can pull of finished items as cute as yours (doubtfully lol)

  12. Hi Stephanie! I love these! What do you mean by thrifted? Just curious! Love the looks and I may have to try some for myself!

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