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First Birthday Party Baby Mad Lib with Free Printable File

You already saw my cheap photo decoration for my son’s first birthday party in this post, but here is my cheap entertainment! I couldn’t find a free baby shower or birthday party madlib online, so I created one.  Printable Baby's First Birthday Mad Lib - Swoodson Says

In addition to watching the baby play, printable mad libs provided some entertainment at the party for the guests, and lots of entertainment after the party for us to read. I did something similar for our wedding (you can find that free printable here)! I think these would also be fun for a baby shower.

 I, of course, personalized the mad lib with a grey-ed out photo of my son in the background and his actual name. We printed copies and left them on the tables with some pens. My favorite input was from one of my grandma-in-laws “I hope you … become a big brother soon”. Subtle, no?

Here is the link for the Free Printable Baby Shower Birthday Mad Lib  which you can then edit and use yourself!

Free mad lib style printable! Perfect fun activity for a baby shower or baby birthday party.

Not into DIY? There are several super cute options on Etsy.

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  1. I love the madlibs and your 1 came out amazing! unfortunately, I can’t get the link to the madlibs to work. Can you email it to me?

  2. […] A long time ago, on the first iteration of Swoodson Says (hence deleted), I shared this free wedding mad lib printable and had lots of interest in it. One of my husband’s coworkers asked to borrow it, and it reminded me that I’d promised to share this (on the free first birthday baby madlib post). […]

  3. I love your #1 project and I’m thinking of making one for my granddaughter’s 1st birthday party next week and one for my grandson’s 1st birthday party next month!!! Love your blog!!!

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