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Sewing Blogger Interview – Rebecca from Hugs Are Fun

Hugs are Fun

Rebecca blogs at Hugs are Fun about lots of crafty goodness – I’d bet she will be surprised to hear me call her a sewing blogger but it is her EPP (English Paper Piecing) projects that caught my eye first (like this one!) so that is how I think of her! She is always squeezing creativity out of stolen moments in her car while her kids nap (sooo jealous of car naps) and shares it on Instagram. In addition to EPP, I am so in awe of her french knot hoops – look at this!

I think I first connected with her on twitter, and enjoy chatting during the day since we both stay at home with our kids.  In addition to the free patterns she shares each Friday, she has some awesome cross-stitch patterns, cross-stitched jewelry, and kits for sale in her Etsy shop.

In preparation for a mini-maternity leave I asked some of my favorite bloggers to answer a few questions, read on to hear more from Rebecca! Connect with her on Pinterest & Facebook too.

What are 2 of your favorite posts from your own blog & why?

I love working with hexagons so much and it was a fun creative challenge to create something with so few. This was part of a 12 hexies or less blog hop and it really pushed me creatively to come up with this project and I am really proud of the outcome.


It was so incredibly exciting to be able to make the announcement that I had a project in Hoop-la magazine. It was my first time in print and it was really hard to keep it secret!

What drives you to create things?

I’ve written a couple different posts for blog hops about creativity –


I have such a hard time pinpointing this, but I just create things because it feels right, I get antsy sitting down without having something to work on. I see a pattern or color combination in a store or out in the world and it gives me an idea for a cross stitch. I am constantly thinking about colors and patterns and shapes and I just need to stitch them on something!

Do you have any exciting projects, patterns, life changes, and/or blog changes planned for 2015?

I am really excited to be taking part in TSNEM. I’ve had a to-do list full of different crafts and things I’ve wanted to try and this has helped me finally start to tackle it! I am also trying to blog more with purpose, even if that means less frequently. I got stuck in a cycle where I felt like I needed to blog but wasn’t giving myself enough time to finish projects to actually have anything exciting to blog about! So this year I’m taking a step back, blogging less often, but taking the time to put together more fleshed out tutorials and project ideas! I want to really start using the supplies I have on hand and finishing WIP pieces, I just get so easily distracted! My 2015 goals post is here.

What creative maker, blogger, or shop owner has caught your eye recently? Share a link!

Do I have to pick just one? There are so, so many! One person that always amazes me (and makes me a little jealous…) with her ability to do everything so well is Jesse from Art School Dropout.

Her work is always so incredible and I love her design style and color choices!

Has anything about blogging surprised you?

I am continually amazed by the incredible community that exists! I have found so many incredible people who are willing to answer questions and are so incredibly helpful and supportive. I have loved making friends and following along with their creative journeys.

What’s one creative technique/medium/style you haven’t tried?

My list of things I want to try is very, very long but my biggest thing I want to do this year is make a quilt.

How did you learn to sew/embroider/scrapbook/insert other verb here?

Somehow I got it in my head that I really wanted to make a cross stitch, but I had no interest in any traditional kits available. So my husband made me a pattern for a floppy disk cross stitch (the pattern is available free here)


I actually had no idea what I was doing and I recently went back and looked at the finished piece and was horrified. I didn’t know that I should split the floss so I used all 6 strands, resulting in thick, sloppy looking stitches. I didn’t work all my stitches in the same direction, so it’s just a complete mess! It took awhile for me to realize my mistakes but it’s been a learning process!

Link to your first blog post!


Now we have even more in common – I also have the habit of trying things without any regard for knowing what I’m doing. Sometimes the more I research the less likely I am to actually try it.

Do you have any questions for Rebecca? Ask them in the comments and I’ll make sure she sees them!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.