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Skirt to shirt refashion

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I love making over old garments into fresh, modern clothes to wear! I couldn’t resist this super long, silk leopard skirt but it’s not the type of thing I Have many occasions to wear (and it was way too big). I’m sharing how I did a skirt to shirt refashion that you can try yourself! The silk skirt I used as the accent fabric got made over into two other shirt refashions as well – see them all linked here.

This shirt is much more wearable in my day to day life than a silk maxi skirt! This particular design is perfect for eating big meals; it feels very comfortable.

I included a side profile because I often feel like neckline/bodices with a high yoke above the bust make me look… lumpy and weird. I think the lightweight and drape of the silk avoided that effect (but it did blow around, as evidenced by the back. I am crooked, but not hump-backed!). If you don’t have a shirt on hand, you can check out my tips for shopping to refashion and upcycle. If you already have a shirt, read my tips for actually sewing refashions here!

Pin this skirt to shirt refashion for later, here:

Check out this vintage skirt to shirt refashion! Step by step tutorial for how to make a modern top out of an outdated shirt. Great skirt upcycle idea. #refashion #sewing #upcycle

Skirt to shirt refashion



1. Chop! Save buttons, zippers, etc. to be reused on another project and then cut up one side seam of the skirt. I didn’t follow any specific measurements to decide what size rectangle to use – just trial and error. I typically wear a size small and ended up with a 22″l X 20″ rectangle. Don’t forget to account for your seam allowance and hem when you’re marking things out!


2. Sew up the size seam(s) of the rectangle and hem, if needed (I just reused the skirt’s existing hem). Finish the seam allowance.

3. Stretch out some elastic (I used clear elastic) and measure around your bust where you’d like the yoke seam to go. I made it snug, but not tight and marked the length.

4. Mark the middle point, and then each quarter point of the elastic and match it up with the side seam and quarters of the skirt. Pin or clip.


5. Sew the elastic to the rectangle along the unfinished edge, on the wrong side of the fabric, stretching the elastic while you go so that you’re keeping the measured marks lined up.


6. Test it over your head and make sure the fit is what you’re looking for! Use chalk or a pen to make a straightline where you’d like to sew it on. I marked in line with the very bottom of the armpit. Mark along the back as well.


7. Leave the shirt right sight out and turn the skirt inside out, so you’re sewing RST (right sides together). Making sure to only catch one layer at a time, sew along the chalked line. Finish the edge of this seam.


Flip the skirt down, and you’re done! Check out 13+ t-shirt refashion ideas for more inspiration, too!


Sharing is caring!

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Saturday 5th of May 2018

Restyling/recycling/repurposed/ is such fun. I would like to see an item/s in my wardrobe with a lifetime of 80 years. I introduced my children to op shops and they are still visiting at 41 & 43. Very proud of them

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Monday 16th of July 2018

I hope my kids do the same, Gayle!! Thanks for reading!

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