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Try Something New Every Month – Sashiko Embroidery

This is my May attempt to Try Something New Every Month for 2015; you can see my other past projects and read more about TSNEM here. I tried a sashiko embroidery panel; check out lots of sashiko inspiration and tutorials in this post here.

Sashiko Kit

It all started with a fabulous gift for my birthday, as evidenced by this Instagram photo (do you follow me there? please do!). I knew it was an embroidery kit, but had never heard of sashiko before. It’s a Japanese technique, often used to reinforce or repair garments, but often used decoratively as well – you can read more history on Wikipedia.

I searched around and skimmed a few tutorials – my favorite was at Sake Puppets. It was just the right amount of guidance for me to know what I ought to be doing.

I saved the kit for the end of my pregnancy when I was exhausted and continued it through the first month of my daughter’s birth. It was perfect in that I could stop, start, drop it and never “lose my place”. I will say that even with the preprinted stitches, mine are SO not even. Partially because I was often doing it in the half dark while the aforementioned daughter slept on me, partially because my son loves to “help”, and partially because I focused more on following the white lines than actually trying to make the stitches even and some of the lines wore off as I touched them.

It was really relaxing! Almost meditative. The sashiko thread my friend gave me was a cool multi-color skein, and I wasn’t sure how to use it in a way that would end up being symmetrical. So I just rolled with it.

I’m not sure what to do with the panel now, I’d love to hear any suggestions! It comes intended to become a pillow, but doesn’t really go with my decor. I’d love to make it into a gift – maybe a pouch? A tote panel? Let me know what you think!

See what other bloggers tried for TSNEM this month:

Looking for an embroidery project for beginners? Sashiko is a really simple, fun way to stitch and this shows a preprinted panel that was stitched up sashiko style.


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  1. I love it with the variegated thread! I’d love it as a pillow! I have lots of blue and aqua in my house though. I think it would make a pretty zipper pouch. You could also make it into a garment. If you can find a blouse with a front panel (I’m thinking of the Tova top, or something like that…) it would make a pretty embellishment.

    1. It’s funny, now that you say that I have a ton of aqua in my house! I think it’s more that my decor doesn’t support throw pillows that can’t be wash/dryed easily… they always seem to end up on my floor, haha!! I didn’t think about a top – which is silly because I have seen yours (and have it and your sashiko round-up both linked in my post of sashiko stuff for next week!)

  2. […] I’m sharing my finished ‘summer stitching’ project – the Lunar Blossom pattern from CozyBlue. I bought this as a part of her kit club, with a 3 month subscription, after seeing it on her Instagram account. I love the pattern and it was so much fun to stitch; the outer loops are sashiko style, something I tried way back when as a part of my TSNEM (try something new every month) project. […]

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