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How to sew slippers – 12+ slipper sewing patterns and tutorials

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How to sew slippers – 12+ slipper sewing patterns and free slipper sewing tutorials! Perfect winter sewing projects to keep cozy!

how to sew slippers pdf sewing patterns

I never, ever have bare feet in my house because I hate the feel of dirt or dust and it would be impossible to keep my floors 100% clean with two kids home 24/7 and three pets. So, it’s socks in summer and cozy slippers in winter and I wear through a pair about every 2 years! I thought I should dig into my upcycle pile this year and DIY instead of shop, you can keep reading to figure out which pattern I tried first and see all the other slipper sewing pattern options I rounded up at the same time!

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free slipper patterns pdf slipper patterns to buy

How to sew slippers – 12+ slipper patterns & tutorials

Not pictured:

  • These one-pattern-piece slippers are so unique and cool, from Johanna Rundel.
  • The sweetest wool elf slippers, with a tutorial to make them for any size, on Maya Made.

Want to see more details about those sweet forest friends slippers?

Upcycle outdated or hole filled wool sweaters into adorable slipper socks! Check out this recycled sweater slippers pattern with a fox face, super fun to sew for fall. #sewing #upcycle


In the past I was a part of a sewing collective for Betz White (so I was gifted this pattern and paid for my post) – you can check out all her lovely patterns and work on her website and I jumped at the chance to play with this adorable slipper pattern because I am a sucker for a woodland animal and always up for an upcycle. Orange wool sweaters are harder to find than you might think – so I ended up cannibalizing a previous cowl scarf project for these little critters.

The pattern covers a big range, with three options to cover Kids sizes 8-13, Youth sizes 1-6 and Women’s sizes 5-9. The diagrams are clear and easy to follow, giving you hand sewing tips for the face with the rest of the slipper being machine sewn. I used my serger because kid slippers tend to take a beating when they’re yanked on and off all the time.

The sweater I had to work with had a cable knit, which seemed to prevent it from felting up as nicely as the examples in the photos – they feel a little more like slipper socks than slippers. I couldn’t find any matching wool felt so I just used snippets from the sweater for the ears and tail.

Showing off the foxy tails!

My son was pretty amused to have fox faces peeking up at him, and these will definitely fit the entire winter. The pattern suggests using puff paint on the bottom for a non-slip backing; you could also upcycle some suede or leather or use this non-slip fabric from Dritz. I think appliqueing the suede or non-slip fabric on the bottom sole would be best – I used the Dritz stuff in the bottom of some footie pajamas and it felt really rough right up against the skin.

upcycled wool sweater slippers diy

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Tamara Odland

Friday 15th of October 2021

Hello! Looks like the pattern is no longer available on Etsy. Know where I could find a similar one?


Friday 17th of November 2017

Absolutely endearing. Do you know, by chance, if there is an adult pattern of the same? Thank you for sharing these.

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Friday 17th of November 2017

Hi! This one pattern includes Patterns are sized for Kids sizes 8-13, Youth sizes 1-6 and Women’s sizes 5-9 :)

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