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13 Inkodye Ideas

Have you heard of=Inkodye? It is a unique type of dye that uses the sun to process, leaving the design super soft and dyed into the fabric. I had fun experimenting with it and decided to round up a list of other Inkodye ideas to try.

This was the shirt and fabric I experimented with as a part of my Try Something New Every Month project! If you haven’t tried it yet, there seem to be three main ‘kits’ from the same company; I used the Lumi Photo Printing Kit* which now looks like it is out of production. Check out the same product with a different brand, Jacquard Solar Fast Sun Powered Printmaking Starter Kit or the Solarfast dye.
I finally opened my kit and was inspired to try it after Audrey at Skirt Fixation made her sons the cutest shirts, check them out. My friend Vicky at Vicky Myers Creations also experimented with it, go see what she used to print on fabric.

Please click through to the individual links and only pin this collage image of Inkodye ideas here:

Try printmaking with sunshine! Check out this list of Inkodye ideas to try out with this fun dye material. A great summer craft to personalize a shirt or make fun diy wall decor. #crafts #diy #dye

Inkodye Ideas

  1. Galaxy Print shirt, shared by Lumi on

2. Game of Thrones t-shirt, she used vinyl instead of transparencies, from Where the Smiles Have Been.

3. Mad Mim used Inkodye on three separate fabrics for a cool wallet.

4. Buzzmills used a cool technique, drawing on a piece of glass and layering it over the dye, for a hand-drawn kid’s tank.

5. used “real” negatives from a disposable camera (do they still sell those?) and printed on ribbon, which is a fun idea! This site seems to have gone offline, unfortunately, so no link.

6. Vintage-y botanical prints from Urban Comfort.


7. A bunch of ideas, all found on Lumi’s Inkodye inspiration page.

8. The Crafted Life used Lumi’s digital app for a larger negative and created a cool floral pennant.

9. Dharma Trading Co used the dye simply as dye, painting the edges of a jean jacket for a cool effect.

10. Eclectic Mom used different organic materials and then quilted the different panels together, making a tote bag that looks super chic.

11. Dear Handmade Life went the graphic print route, making a cute craft bag after using a digital overlay.

12. Pretty botanical printed table runner at A Bubbly Life

13. Inkodye on wood wall art from Persia Lou

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Wednesday 3rd of May 2017

Great post, Stephanie! Inkodye looks very interesting. I was wondering can you dip the whole thing into it for more even effect, for example, on clothing (but that might need lots of the dye)? Thanks for the awesome round-up ideas;) Cheers!

Vicky myers

Monday 5th of October 2015

Wow, you have found some great ideas and inspirational pieces. I must have another go, preferably child free!!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.