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Try Something New Every Month – A 2 Year Creative Challenge

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Two Years of Trying Something New Every Month - TSNEM

In the winter of 2014, an idea popped into my head, to actually use some of the craft supplies I’d bought and try some of the techniques and crafts that I’d always thought about. I came up with a title, drummed up some interest with fellow bloggers, and dove in! That whole year I just picked things as I went, and a few other people joined in each month. For the next year, 2016, I decided to co-host with Rebecca at Hugs are Fun and we set up some general themes for each month, started a Facebook group, and created a link-up for people to share their work. It has been a fun two years, I’ve used up so many of my things and experimented with a lot of different crafts, and now I’m looking back at 24 different “try something new every month” projects!

If you’re wondering, I do not plan on actively pursuing a third TSNEM year in 2017. I love the project but I think I’d be dragging my heels to come up with something each month that was truly new. My heart wasn’t in it and excited, so I decided to take a break!


2016 started off really strong, we did regular round-ups and link-ups, until the middle of the year when participation tapered off.

January – Quilting (I tried bias tape applique)

February- Tactile Craft; paper mache, clay, soap, candlemaking (I tried paper mache)

March- Painting (I tried oil pastels)

April- Edible Crafts (I tried making food-based fabric dye)

May – Hand Sewing (I tried visible mending)

June- Heavy Craft; leather, wood burning, glass etching (I tried metal stamping labels)

July- Yarn Craft; knitting, crochet, weaving (I tried making pom poms)

August- Printmaking; fabric or paper (I tried screen printing)

September – Machine Sewing (I went off script and tried pressed flower art)

October- Needlework; embroidery, cross-stitch, crewel, needlepoint (I tried stumpwork embroidery)

November- Papercraft; origami, scrapbook, calligraphy (I tried papercutting)

December- Choose your own! (I tried making faux chenille)


2015 was more loosely organized, and my photography was much worse, haha.

JanuaryEnglish Paper Piecing (EPP)

FebruaryNeedle Felting

MarchGelatin Printing

April –  Wood Burning

MaySashiko Embroidery

JuneUsing Grommets

JulyFoundation Paper Piecing

AugustLap Loom Weaving

SeptemberLumi’s Inkodye Printmaking

OctoberSunprint printmaking

NovemberOttobre Sewing Magazine


Kristy joined in through all of 2015, and didn’t post a year round-up but you can see all her posts listed out here. Becca also joined in through 2015 and half of 2016 and you can see all her posts listed out here.

That’s a lot of projects! Looking back at both years, I think my favorites were sashiko, flower pressing, and stumpwork embroidery. The one that I’ve continued doing the most and enjoy the most is foundation paper piecing! I’ve done a few english paper piecing projects as well since that very first one. I think the worst failure was probably that pinata. Let me know if you have any ideas for using up more of those long balloons!

I’m really proud that I kept this up for 24 months and thrilled that I tried so many things- I think ideas cross-pollinate and even though my main love will always be sewing (at least for now!), there are all sorts of creative ideas inspired by these other crafts!

Two Years of Trying Something New Every Month - TSNEM - Develop a creative habit by trying new crafts and hobbies!


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Sharing is Caring

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