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Lap Loom Weaving – Try Something New Every Month

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failed weaving tsnem

I tried weaving! This is my August attempt to Try Something New Every Month for 2015; you can see my other past projects and read more about TSNEM here. You can see a bunch of tutorials and helpful links about weaving that I rounded up in this post.

I spent many hours in my orthodontist’s chair in middle school, and I can vividly picture the shaggy, brown and yellow woven hanging he had up on his wall. Weaving seems to have become trendy again, with pom poms and looms all over Instagram. I enjoyed seeing April Rhodes make weaving a community activity at her Quilt Market booth this past season too! Alas, weaving is definitely not my new favorite craft (as you can tell, I quit).

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When my parents recently retired to Arkansas, my Mom cleaned out her craft/sewing space. She’d set out this giant loom with a dusty brown and taupe weaving half done, and it ended up following me home. I’m 100% intimidated by it so I ordered a lap loom from Harrisville Designs*, since it was affordable and looked sturdy. In retrospect, I should’ve tried one of the DIY cardboard styles, but I had it in my head that I’d love this and be ready to use my Mom’s big loom after a few practice runs.

lap loom project

I went for small and simple, just to get the feel for it, and I was not inspired. This little bit took me at least an hour, I couldn’t get comfortable with the lap loom literally on my lap, and my arms got tired standing up and shooting it back and forth. I had originally thought that I’d make this skinny strip so it could be a bookmark, but am going to table the project. Having kids has made me ruthless with my free time – there is something to be said for pushing through and conquering a task/project but this was not one of those times. Not having fun? Done!

weaving detail

Still, I’m glad I tried it! The loom can wait for when my son is older, a few friends on Instagram mentioned their kids enjoyed it (it is marketed as a kids toy). Maybe I’ll change my mind and pick it up again, or try a different type of weaving, but I’m not going to force myself to finish this when I have 500 other ideas and projects I’m passionate about.

Have you tried weaving? Do you feel guilty abandoning things? Let me hear about it!

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