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Foundation Paper Piecing – Try Something New Every Month

foundation paper piecing economy block

This is my July attempt to Try Something New Every Month for 2015; you can see my other past projects and read more about TSNEM here. I have a round-up of free patterns and tutorials for foundation paper piecing too, see it here.

A few months ago I tried english paper piecing, and when I was digging around on Pinterest I realized that there were two different styles of paper piecing! I really had trouble wrapping my head around the concept of sewing on to paper, on the other side, but once I actually tried it instead of just reading about it, it went pretty quickly.

Amy Butler Paper Piecing

I tried a video tutorial first, with accompanying pattern, from 3 and 3 quarters. I ended up watching the video on my phone, so I could turn it upside down and “follow” with my hands instead of looking at the mirror image. I didn’t have to seam rip anything, but cut it a little too close on a few of the corners. It’s hard for me to use a bigger scrap when I think (incorrectly) that a smaller one will do! I was pretty excited at how the finished product looked, especially for a first try.

You might recognize the Amy Butler fabric – I used it first in giant book floor pillow, from a Challenge Create sewing competition!

Green and blue quilt blocks

It went so quickly I decided to try at least one more, and the next day I used the 5″ paper pieced economy blocks from Sewing Lab. Fabrics are Alison Glass in Sunprint / Grove Green & American Made Brand in Dark Aqua. I love how they turned out, I’m going to back them with felt and make coasters.

I want to try a more complicated one, especially an animal, but I’m having trouble choosing what to try next! I’d love to hear any favorite paper piecing designers or patterns, if you have any.

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  1. Isn’t foundation paper piecing awesome?! I have finally gotten to the point where I just use way-too-big scraps so I’m not cutting it so close since my brain doesn’t entirely wrap around the angles and how the piece unfolds quite yet. It’s one of my new favorite things though since trying it for TSNEM!

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