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Laurelhurst Cardigan from Straight Stitch Designs – A Pattern Review

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laurelhurst cardiagn straight stitch designs

Shortly after having my daughter, I was chatting with my friend Amy and mentioned that I’d been eyeing the new Straight Stitch Designs cardigan pattern being shared online. It was the very next day that Kimberly emailed me a copy of the Laurelhurst as a baby gift, which was such a sweet surprise (and fun coincidence!). She didn’t ask me to write a review, but I really liked how it turned out. So I figured I would, even if I’m not sure I can be truly unbiased since I got it for free!

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Laurelhurst Cardigan

I sewed up a different open cardigan when I was pregnant, the Julia from Mouse House Creations, but was really drawn to the length and drape of the Laurelhurst. The headband (from this post) I’m wearing helps disguise my lack of showering and copious hair shedding, or at least I’d like to think it does. In case anyone is wondering, that is a giant tractor tire in the background! My son plays on/in it.

breastfeeding cardigan

I’m a breastfeeding mama and while I feel zero need to use a cover for anyone else’s benefit, she’s now to the age where she is getting distracted by the world. I love that the flowy front panels can pull up to give her “baby blinders” so she can stay focused!

side view

I lengthened it so it would cover my rear end with leggings, and I really like the change!

back view

I used the shorten/lengthen line, which was handy. Cutting the large pieces with slippery jersey was a little tricky, I had to clear off my entire giant cutting mat.

drapey cardigan pdf sewing pattern

I’ll definitely be sewing another one come fall! She just released these fun stitch kits*, including the printed pattern with the fabric and supplies you’d need to sew one up.

Pattern: Laurelhurst from Straight Stitch Designs* sewn in a size 8

My Measurements at time of making: 37″/29″/37″ -I’m 5’2

Price & Sizing: $10 – sizes 0-24

Fabric I used: Rayon Jersey Knit from

Changes I made:  I added two inches in length and slimmed the sleeves.

What I might do if I make it again: Try and wrap my head around making it reversible to enclose the seams? I’m not sure if that’s possible. I’d love pockets, but think they’d require a sturdier fabric to do them inseam. I think I’d add another inch, just to the back bodice piece for a little more coverage.

Overall thoughts on the garment: I really like it! It’s super comfy and I love how drapey it is. The raw edges bug me a little, but I’m not keen on rolled hems (I can’t ever seem to keep them from ruffling a little bit). I might add bands to the arms and call it good.

Overall thoughts on the pattern: Easy to print, tape, follow instructions. The step where you sew the collar isn’t intuitive (at least it wasn’t to me), so I recommend basting it before serging and double checking that you’re right. It’s really easy to sew the wrong short edge by mistake! Don’t try to overthink it – just follow the instructions/diagrams and trust the pattern

Other versions I found online:

Laurelhurst Cardigan Straight Stitch Designs


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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