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The best way to find out what I’m making and sharing is by signing up for my newsletter! You can subscribe through this link, it goes out Tuesday mornings. Another benefit as a subscriber is access to my resource library. This is where I store all my free patterns and templates! Sign up here, confirm your subscription, and the password will come in your welcome email.

I used to do weekly Friday Favorites posts with the same format and simply switched that into the newsletter. If you have somehow tried to find an old Friday Favorites post, I’ve redirected you here, because that type of content is now in my newsletters.

You can read any past newsletter on my archives page, found here, they all follow the same format. I share a little blurb and photo of each blog post that was published during the week, links to posts from the past, and links to cool stuff I’ve found online and wanted to share. Sometimes they’re sewing and craft related, sometimes they’re not, but I’d like to think they’re all creatively inspiring.

Here’s an example link pack, from past newsletters:

So, are you convinced? I really love pulling links together, and it’s so fun when people email back or respond to things I’ve shared. Sign up and don’t miss an issue!

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  1. I contemplate this too, but it seems to be another blog-type thing to me and I have a hard time getting one weekly post out. I’m interested to see how this helps you! Maybe I’ll have to find some time. I’m subscribed!

  2. Interesting reading – I send out newsletters infrequently:( But I have been surprised at how people gradually continue to sign up without me promoting it, must be because people like the format of a newsletter:)

  3. […] Newsletter [601 / 747] <– I “clean” this list once a month, unsubscribing folks who haven’t opened the past 10 newsletters, which keeps me around a 50% open rate. It’s tempting to just let it grow and grow (I usually unsubscribe around 100 people) but I’d rather keep folks around who actually read what I send out, so I don’t end up paying for more people than I have to once I hit that point. […]

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