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4 Free Headband Tutorials – Tested

Free Headband Sewing Patterns

I love headbands. I think they look cute with a ponytail, they hide if I haven’t showered in days, they use up fabric scraps, and for whatever sensory reason they just feel good. Prepping for postpartum wear and life, sewing up some new headbands was #1 on my list and I thought I’d share the free patterns I tried out!

4 free headband sewing tutorials - all tested and compared!These are great knit fabric scrap busters and a fun, quick thing to sew for women. There is a pattern that uses FOE and woven fabric, and three different patterns that use knit fabric.

If you like free patterns, be sure to check out this list of the most popular PDF sewing patterns from over 50 different designers!

Free Woven Headband Tutorial

First up is the only woven headband I sewed, with a super fast tutorial and pattern piece from Alice and Lois. This is also a great way to use up FOE (fold-over-elastic) scraps if you have them. I skipped the top-stitching because I’m lazy. I think this would be a pretty blank canvas for embroidery or applique as well. This used up a weird shaped scrap from my Serger Cover Tutorial.

Free Knot Headband

Second is a popular turban-esque style, I used the twisted headband tutorial from Do It Yourself Divas (I added a band to cover the seam). Super fast and I liked how it used up some really narrow strips of fabric.

Free ruched headband tutorial

This was probably the fastest to sew, a modified narrow version of the ruched head wrap from Delia Creates. I still have a hunk of this fabric left for something fun; I also used it for a slouchy beanie to fit my son, seen in this post.

Free knit headband sewing pattern

Last but not least, a knit, gathered headband from Sew 4 Home. This is the first tutorial they share; I added two bands to cover the seams instead of fussing with folding and topstitching in. This was the very last of one of my favorite fabrics; you can see where I used it in a maxi dress and leggings a while ago for a Greenstyle Creations blog tour.

I made a few in each style – they will certainly be worn out by the time we get through the newborn stage with a toddler also at home. Do you have any favorite styles I missed? Do you think it’s ridiculous an almost 30 year old wears these on the daily? Don’t tell me if you do.

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  1. I love how headbands look on other people and have never been able to get on board with wearing them myself. You have inspired me to try a couple. Heaven knows there are enough scraps around here!

  2. Headband wearer over here! All the time. I need to try some new ones. I usually just make the turban style or the no sew version – take a strip of long fabric and tie it in the back. πŸ™‚

  3. What a great post, I keep meaning to try out making some headbands. I don’t use them but think they would be great for keeping the hair out of my eyes when sewing:)

  4. Thank you for this awesome tutorial. My daughter just started playing tennis and she has been asking me to buy her these headbands. I am going to sew her a bunch of those.

  5. […] This is pretty much what I’ve been living in lately. Yoga pants (that have never done any yoga, ha!) and slouchy shirts/hoodies. I will definitely still be wearing these things, just hopefully not every single day. I normally am also wearing a stretchy headband – to disguise my lack of showering and postpartum hair loss. (I used four different free patterns and shared them in this post!) […]

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