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4 Free Headband Tutorials – Tested

Free Headband Sewing Patterns

I love headbands. I think they look cute with a ponytail, they hide if I haven’t showered in days, they use up fabric scraps, and for whatever sensory reason they just feel good. Prepping for postpartum wear and life, sewing up some new headbands was #1 on my list and I thought I’d share the free patterns I tried out!

4 free headband sewing tutorials - all tested and compared!These are great knit fabric scrap busters and a fun, quick thing to sew for women. There is a pattern that uses FOE and woven fabric, and three different patterns that use knit fabric.

Free Woven Headband Tutorial

First up is the only woven headband I sewed, with a super fast tutorial and pattern piece from Alice and Lois. This is also a great way to use up FOE (fold-over-elastic) scraps if you have them. I skipped the top-stitching because I’m lazy. I think this would be a pretty blank canvas for embroidery or applique as well. This used up a weird shaped scrap from my Serger Cover Tutorial.

Free Knot Headband

Second is a popular turban-esque style, I used the twisted headband tutorial from Do It Yourself Divas (I added a band to cover the seam). Super fast and I liked how it used up some really narrow strips of fabric.

Free ruched headband tutorial

This was probably the fastest to sew, a modified narrow version of the ruched head wrap from Delia Creates. I still have a hunk of this fabric left for something fun; I also used it for a slouchy beanie to fit my son, seen in this post.

Free knit headband sewing pattern

Last but not least, a knit, gathered headband from Sew 4 Home. This is the first tutorial they share; I added two bands to cover the seams instead of fussing with folding and topstitching in. This was the very last of one of my favorite fabrics; you can see where I used it in a maxi dress and leggings a while ago for a Greenstyle Creations blog tour.

I made a few in each style – they will certainly be worn out by the time we get through the newborn stage with a toddler also at home. Do you have any favorite styles I missed? Do you think it’s ridiculous an almost 30 year old wears these on the daily? Don’t tell me if you do.

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  1. I love how headbands look on other people and have never been able to get on board with wearing them myself. You have inspired me to try a couple. Heaven knows there are enough scraps around here!

  2. Headband wearer over here! All the time. I need to try some new ones. I usually just make the turban style or the no sew version – take a strip of long fabric and tie it in the back. πŸ™‚

  3. What a great post, I keep meaning to try out making some headbands. I don’t use them but think they would be great for keeping the hair out of my eyes when sewing:)

  4. Thank you for this awesome tutorial. My daughter just started playing tennis and she has been asking me to buy her these headbands. I am going to sew her a bunch of those.

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