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15 minute refashion of an outdated silk tshirt

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refashion with no sewing machineRefashions are the most fun when the makeover is dramatic and unexpected, but I try to keep in mind that refashioning can be for basic wardrobe staples too! I can’t resist taking home wool or silk when I spot it in the thrift stores so this pretty purple shirt came home with me. It fit decently but the shoulder pads and sleeves read as a little dated. With 15 minutes of hand sewing and a few snips, I have a silk blouse I love that only cost $3!

refashion blog

If you don’t have any shirts ready for a new look, head out to Goodwill and check out my tips for thrifting to refashion and upcycle here! If you already have a shirt, read my tips for actually sewing refashions here!

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refashioned silk shirt

I used a similar sleeve technique in this dress to blouse refashion! After I edited these pictures, I realized that I had bought a super similar shirt a few years ago and refashioned it… with much worse results, haha! You can see it here, I’ve learned a lot since then.

If you’re not ready to sew yet, pin this refashion without a sewing machine with this link or collage image:

15 minute refashion of an outdated silk tshirt

15 minute refashion of an outdated silk tshirt



cutting out shoulder pads

Step 1- Snip out the shoulder pads! I teased out the thread attaching them, being careful not to clip the actual shirt.

Step 2- Next up the sleeves! I used the original hem as a guide, folding it up once and then once again to form a cuff. You could clip it at this point, but I live dangerously.

Step 3- Take a few tiny stitches to secure the hem – I used just 4, evenly spaced, but it will depend how you want it to look and the weight of the fabric. Sewing it together like binding on a quilt would work as well.

tailors sleeve roll

Step 4- Time to press your new hem! If you’re working with silk too, iron with caution, you may need a press cloth (plain piece of white fabric to use in between the garment and the iron) or to use steam. I also used a tailor’s roll, which keeps creases from being pressed on the other side when working in the round. You’re done!

refashion sewing blog before and after

Ta-da! Modern silk t-shirt. I have to admit, I’m still tempted to jazz it up a little with fabric paint or something, what do you think?

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Tuesday 27th of August 2019

I look at dramatic refashions on Pinterest often. But your simple one is perfect! Start with small manageable changes. Thank you!

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Wednesday 8th of January 2020

yay! glad you liked this idea :)

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