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20+ cutest sewing kits for kids

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cute sewing kits for kids

Whether you don’t know how to sew yourself or if you just don’t want to share your stash, sewing kits for kids are a fun way to introduce them to the craft! Many have prepunched stitching holes, making sewing super easy, and include all supplies that you need. I think learn to sew kits for kids make a great gift too, and I tried to include some for every age and interest on this list!

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A roundup of the cutest sewing kits for kids! Lots of hand sewing for kids ideas and cute craft kits for boys and girls. Great creative gifts for crafty kids and simple ways to teach kids how to sew. #sewing

Sewing kits for kids

Shop small – kids sewing kits from handmade shops

unicorn sewing kit for kids

This adorable unicorn sewing kit from Wildflower Toys and sold on Etsy looks easy to make and super cute (see more unicorn craft ideas here!). This is designed for hand sewing.


Super simple introductory hand sewing kit from Mama Ps Place and sold on Etsy.



stuffed animal sewing kit


These DIY Fluffies patterns on Etsy are so fun (I have sewn the penguin!); with several different stuffed animal sewing kits appropriate for older kids but straightforward with clear directions. These are for machine sewing.

I love this idea!! Upcycled wool stuffed dog kits from Cate + Levin and sold on Amazon, there are also penguin and owl options. It doesn’t say whether it is designed for hand or machine sewing but I’d probably prefer machine sewing when working with upcycled wool.

felt animal hand sewing kits

These are all for hand sewing, super cute little felt animal kits all designed by Cynthia Treen Studio and sold on Etsy. I think these smaller pieces would be best for older kids.


A bright and fun dino softie kit, by Laura Danby and sold on Etsy. This is great for younger kids and designed for hand sewing.

Kids sewing kits from big box stores

Adorable little llama pillow sewing kit by Klutz and sold on Amazon. I think this is best for older kids and a mix of hand and machine sewing, but could probably be sewn all by hand.

Fun little felt treats sewing kit by Klutz and sold on Amazon. Reviews on one of their animal kits referenced this one as being better quality and more fun, so I included it instead! These are all designed for hand sewing.

More open-ended kid’s sewing kit with a few specific projects and then extra supplies, by Alex and sold on Amazon. These are all designed for hand sewing.

Simple mermaid backpack clip sewing kit from JOANN, this is designed for hand sewing and great for super young kids.

How cute are these! A book of sweet little embroidery projects that fit inside a necklace, with lots of different styles and options, made by Klutz and sold on Amazon. These are definitely all for hand sewing.

Sweet little monster sewing kit from Craftster’s Sewing Kits and sold on Amazon, as a kid’s hand sewing kit.

Simple and cheap llama backpack clip sewing kit from JOANN, great for young kids and hand sewing.

felt cat sewing kit

My cat crazy child used this felt cat sewing kit for her birthday party! The instructions are meh (put the eyes in before you sew!) and the tiny felt accents need glue, the sticky isn’t super sticky, but it was fun and a lot of bang for your buck with the price – all hand sewing.

kid sewing kit amazon

Another overall, basic kid sewing kit with hand sewing off Amazon.

solar system sewing kit

A very specific hand sewing kit – a solar system felt sewing kit!

Have you tried any of these kits with kids? Or did I miss one of your favorites? Leave a comment!

Sharing is caring!

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