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17+ Cute Unicorn Crafts to Make

Check out these adorable unicorn craft patterns! Unicorn embroidery, unicorn sewing, unicorn crochet, unicorn applique, unicorns for every crafter and every kid! #unicorncraft #crafts #unicorn

Growing up, I loved science fiction and fantasy; my favorite books involved dragons, unicorns, and wizards. While I wouldn’t say I ever outgrew it, it has been so much fun watching my son & daughter get into all things magical! I was poking around, looking at unicorn craft ideas to sew and kept bookmarking cute unicorn craft after craft, so I rounded them all up in one list. There are unicorn crochet patterns, unicorn embroidery patterns, unicorn sewing patterns, and even unicorn needle felting patterns.

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If you’re feeling the winter blues, one of these handmade unicorns will surely cheer you up! I found a few freebies in my search too, they’re at the bottom of the list.

Felt Unicorn Sewing Craft Kit* from Jenny Blair – All hand sewing, I love the whimsical color additions.

Needle Felted Unicorn Craft Kit* from Fudge and Mabel – needle felting is so much fun, you can find more needle felting tutorials here.

Felt Unicorn Sewing Craft Kit* from Delilah Iris – another sweet, hand sewn softie with unique mane and tail.

Unicorn Terrarium Craft Kit* from Moss Love Terrariums – I’ve been thinking how my kids would enjoy a terrarium in their rooms, this one is so cute with a tiny unicorn to add in!

Unicorn Ornament/Decoration Craft Kit* from Crafty Alchemy – This looks perfect for a kid’s sewing project, and would be so cute as a zipper pull.

Unicorn Embroidery Craft Kit* from Nog Pepper Me – this would look lovely on a wall!

Unicorn Headband Craft Kit* from Pretty in Pink Supply – This definitely belongs in our dress up box (see some DIY dress up ideas on this Pinterest board).

[not pictured]

Unicorn Cross Stitch Craft Kit* from The Make Arcade – I think even I could handle this simple cross stitch, it’s adorable.

Unicorn Faux-idermy Knitting Craft Kit* from Sincerely Louise – Exactly what a playroom wall needs!

Unicorn Mask PDF Sewing Pattern* from Maisie Moo – another fun dress up option, the details on the side are so cute.

Unicorn Puzzle Ball Softie Sewing Pattern* from Abby Glassenberg Design – My kids love sleeping with softies, and this one has a clever trick along with being snuggly!

Unicorn Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern* by Chelsea Hilton Quilts – paper piecing is such a fun quilt method, it is easier than it looks! (see some free paper piecing sewing patterns here)

Unicorn Felt Softie/Charm/Ornament Pattern* by Crafter’s Boutique Handmade – those sequins are perfect!

Amigurumi Unicorn Pattern* by Little Yarn Tales – I can’t crochet but this is cute enough to make me want to try, looks like a darling baby toy.

Unicorn Quilt Pattern* by Elizabeth Hartman, sold at Strawberry Quiltcake – I love Elizabeth Hartman’s patterns and this would be great for scrap busting.

Unicorn Hooded Scarf Knitting Pattern* by The Velvet Acorn – What child wouldn’t love to wear this?

Amigurumi Unicorn Pattern* by Witch Fibre Co – A slightly more sophisticated crochet unicorn, super huggable!

Unicorn Applique Pattern* by Apple Dumplin Designs – I don’t know why this motif is all over the place, but it’s cute and could go on a shirt!

Unicorn Crochet Hooded Blanket* by Briabby – This would get a lot of love at my house!

[not pictured]

Paper Pieced Unicorn Block* by Kid Giddy – Another paper piecing pattern, this is beautiful.

Did I miss any of your favorite unicorn craft patterns? Let me know and I can add them! I also have a few FREE unicorn crafts that I found: a DIY unicorn hoodie tutorialDIY unicorn hobby horse patternsimple unicorn mask pattern.

Check out these adorable unicorn craft patterns! Unicorn embroidery, unicorn sewing, unicorn crochet, unicorn applique, unicorns for every crafter and every kid! #unicorncraft #crafts #unicorn

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