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25+ wedding dress refashion + upcycle ideas

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25+ wedding dress refashion + upcycle ideas! My wedding dress (see it at the very end of this post!), bought as a store sample, was resold on Ebay shortly after my wedding because I was in a small apartment and not overly sentimental. BUT there are so many creative ways to preserve your dress and/or refashion it for someone else! This is a mix of ideas for both upcycling and refashioning that would work for a family heirloom dress or just casual thrifting to save an out-of-fashion dress (after reading five tips for thrift shopping to upcycle & refashion).

25+ wedding dress refashion + upcycle ideas

While researching for this post I bumped into an interesting video by Karolina Żebrowska, a vintage fashion vlogger, while I was digging around on this post; you can watch it yourself here; she addresses the importance of preservation when it comes to vintage clothes. I think this will vary with personal comfort and taste levels, but good food for thought as you go shopping or digging around in family closets. Something else to keep in mind is that Jean, who let me share her creative upcycle below, shared the tip that Oxi-Clean will help whiten an old dress that has yellowed over time!

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ways to makeover an old wedding dress

25+ wedding dress refashion + upcycle ideas

I separated the projects into two groups; upcycling wedding dresses into anything not-a-dress and then refashioning wedding dresses into other wedding dresses or some other type of clothes. I had so much fun choosing these projects and appreciate how many people let me share their photos. I hope this round-up inspires you to get crafty!

Upcycled wedding dress projects

wedding dress upcycle into tree skirt

I would’ve never thought to make a tree skirt out of a wedding dress but look how pretty this is! What a lovely way to decorate for Christmas. Shared with permission from Cindy Gomez – find her other work on instagram here!

upcycled wedding dress into teddy bear stuffed animal

I don’t think this would’ve occurred to me either; Susan Leshinsky turns all sorts of garments into keepsake teddy bears! My kids would have loved it if I’d saved mine and turned them into stuffies. Check out her business on Facebook, how beautiful is this bride teddy!

upcycled wedding dress to christening gown for child

Another sentimental, beautiful upcycle by Moni Cox; she turned a wedding dress into a sweet Christening gown, check out her business on Facebook!

wedding dress to christening dress upcycle

Here’s another beautiful upcycle from wedding dress into a christening dress, by Catherine @bringbacksewing.

upcycled wedding dress into Barbie wedding dress

Not sure how many Barbie wedding dresses you can get out of a human-sized one, but Lorraine Appleton let me share this fun version to inspire you to find out! She also sells upcycled kits in her Etsy shop if you don’t have a dress on hand to cut up.

upcycled wedding dress ornament

Make that old veil into a Christmas ornament, with a tutorial from Tikkido, this would be a great gift idea if you have a newlywed who isn’t crafty themselves!

wedding dress made over into a tree skirt

Another beautiful example of upcycling a wedding dress into a Christmas tree skirt, shared with permission from Jean Krenke Flunker, what a great way to turn a family heirloom into something that can be used and loved each year.

upcycled angel gown wedding dress

A kind, sad way to turn your old gown into something meaningful for families who have lost a baby; see how to turn an old wedding dress into an ‘angel gown’ at DIY Danielle and donate it to your local hospital (check to see that they have this type of program before getting started).

Perfect if you’ve split scraps of a wedding dress among grandkids; see how to turn them into wearable art over at Little Red Window.

Not pictured:

  • Upcycle a wedding dress into a decorative art quilt, like this one from Back Porch Quilting
  • Turn a wedding dress into a little boy’s baptism outfit, like the one Andrea Dekker made
  • No tutorials for these but consider chopping it up and making a Christmas stocking, clutch purse, or even fabric flowers to display or add to a hair clip, etc.

Refashioned wedding dress examples

refashioned vintage wedding dress

I love the back on this sentimental family wedding dress refashion that Amy from Amy Nicole Studio sewed for herself, go see more details on her blog!

upcycled wedding dress into fairy dress

A super vivid, techni-color dress refashion over at Unicorn Spit on youtube, how much fun is that with the vibrant colors!

Bonnie Oliver tweaked this vintage gown and turned it into an Elvish princess dress- please do yourself a favor and check out her instagram here because she is so creative!!

1980s wedding dress refashion

The skill level on this 1980s wedding dress makeover is out of this world, the before & after is shocking, at River Elliot Bridal Couture

wedding dress refashion picture

A 1970s dress makeover at PoldaPop Designs, this one makes a huge difference with relatively simple alterations.

before after wedding dress refashion

Please click through to see more photos of this wedding dress refashion, also from Amy Nicole Studio, because I think it’s really unique! You can definitely tell it is the same but the bride also made a lot of special twists.

wedding dress refashion 1980s

Can you believe this 80s wedding dress makeover!! It is so beautiful; Jasmyne gave me permission to share it after I saw it in the Mildly Offensive Fiber Artists group, she owns a tailoring/dry cleaning business!

Not pictured:

Last and also least because it’s totally irrelevant, I told you what happened to my dress at the beginning and thought I’d throw in a picture at the end. I did keep a few small pieces off the train that we had altered but I hope some other budget bride wore and loved it!

Sharing is caring!

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Tuesday 11th of May 2021

This is a great collection! So many different ways to upcycle a wedding dress.

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