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Fleece Scrap Busy Bag Tutorial & Virtual Busy Bag Swap

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 Fleece Scrap Busy BagBusy bags are all over Pinterest and now that my son is getting older I’ve been more interested in checking them out. So many of them seem like they’d make a big mess (defeating the purpose, to me) or would end up in the trash within a week so I started brainstorming and asked a few friends to come up with options that were a little more durable. We debated actually mailing around busy bag activities but settled on a virtual swap – just sharing ideas! My felt scrap busy bag was heavily inspired by an activity I found on Pinterest, from Powerful Mothering.

Check out what they’ve made each day:

Monday –  Swoodson Says (you’re here!)

Tuesday- Muse of the Morning

Wednesday – Hugs are Fun

Thursday- Lulu & Celeste

Friday – Friends Stitched Together

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 This is so easy. I feel like the double layer and button hole make it less likely to tear or end up flying under the couch, and  it gave me a chance to use up smaller felt scraps. If buttonholes aren’t your thing, you could also try a grommet!

Just like the inspiration version, you could use felt or single fleece and clip a hole for  a no-sew version since neither material frays. If you have more woven or knit scraps to get rid of, you could use interfacing and/or pinking shears and end up with the same result!



1. Cut 2 of each shape/fabric combo you’d like paired together. Sew them wrong sides together about 1/4″ from the edge, a walking foot will make it easier if you have one.

2. Sew a buttonhole in the middle. If you’re using a buttonhole foot, I used the smallest button I could find in my stash which was about 1/2″ tall.

3. Trim, thread, and enjoy!


I handed these over to my 2 year old before I stuck them in a bag; at first he liked taking off the ones I put on but had no interest in “threading” them.

Toddler Fleece Toy

Then he was really into using the straw as a spear, trying to pick them up like it was a fork, haha! Kids are so neat. I try to keep from thinking there is a “right” way to play with  a toy, even if I had different intentions. I would’ve never thought to use the straw this way!

Curly Straw Busy Bag

I stuck them in a bag and will pull them back out once the baby is here. Do you have any tried and true busy bag ideas? Let me know!

Fleece Scrap Busy Bag DIY

Sharing is caring!

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