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25+ cardigan patterns to sew

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cardigan sewing patterns

I love cardigans! As a nursing mom (list of nursing-friendly PDF patterns in this post!), they’re perfect for layering and I started digging around for all my options in the PDF sewing world. Since I had already started making a list, I decided to organize them all into one post and share the wealth of information! The list has grown and grown, they are in no particular order and several freebies are listed so just keep scrolling.

If you like organized lists like this, check out these other posts of mine!

If there isn’t a picture, I didn’t hear back from the designer on permission to share it. I love the variety that is out there, there is a cardigan for everyone, and I tried to provide sizing information when the listing shared it, along with the listed price that was current when I wrote this post in mid-August.

If you’re not ready to sew yet, pin this list of women’s swimsuit sewing patterns with this link or collage image; please click through to the original sites to pin individual photos!

Check out this huge list of PDF sewing patterns for cardigans! Perfect fall layers and sewing patterns for women.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these patterns if you’ve sewn them -please leave them in the comments! If I missed any that you’ve sewn up, please comment with that too and I’ll happily add them.

Women’s cardigan sewing patterns


Pattern: Canyon Cardigan by Love Notions*

Price: $8.95

Sizing: sizes XS-XXXL


Pattern:  Vermont Cardigan from New Horizons Designs*

Price: $11.95

Sizing: sizes XXS-XXXL

3/4 length cardigan pdf

Pattern:3/4 Sleeve Cardigan from Sweet Shop Sewing

Price: $6.99

Sizing: sizes XS-XL (Bust 33-45 “)


Pattern: The Meridian Cardigan by imagine gnats*

Price: $15

Sizing: sizes 2-20

Pattern: Women’s Princess Cardi from A Sparkly Baby

Price: Free, in the files if you join their Facebook group here

Sizing: sizes 28″-46″

oslo cardigan

Pattern: Oslo from Seamwork Magazine by Colette Patterns

Price: $7

Sizing: sizes  XS-3XL (Bust 33″-54″)

infinity cardigan

Pattern: Sunset Infinity Cardigan from Rabbit Rabbit Creations

Price: $7

Sizing: sizes  XS-4XL 

seamingling smitten cardigan

Pattern: Draped Cardigan from Seamingly Smitten

Price: $8

Sizing: sizes XS-XXL 

[not pictured]

Pattern: Cozy Wrap Cardigan from Halla Patterns

Price: $9.95

Sizing: sizes  00-30

cuddle me cardy

Pattern: Cuddle Me Cardy

Price: $5.15

Sizing: Bust 32-46″

[not pictured]

Pattern: Beautiful Dreamer Cardigan from Shwin Designs

Price: $12

Sizing: sizes XXS-XL (Bust 30-44″)

mouse house julia

Pattern: Julia Cardigan from Welcome To The Mouse House* — I’ve sewn this one up, read my review here!

Price: $9.00

Sizing: sizes XS-XXXL (Bust 30-49″)

[not pictured]

Pattern: Mama Darcey Duster, Vest & Cardigan Pattern from Made by Mermaids*

Price: $9.00

Sizing: sizes Bust 30-51″

Patterns for Pirates Cardigan

Pattern: Carefree Cardigan from Patterns for Pirates*

Price: $8.50

Sizing: sizes XXS-XXXL (Bust 30-54″)

swoon scarf neck cardigan

[picture thanks to Amy at Friends Stitched Together]

Pattern: Scarf Neck Cardigan from Swoon Patterns*

Price: $FREE!

Sizing: sizes S-XXL  

Jenna Cardigan

Pattern: Jenna cardi from Muse Patterns

Price: $12

Sizing: sizes 32-48 (Bust 32-48″)

Pattern: Quiet Things Cardigan from Rad Patterns*

Price: $10

Sizing: sizes XXS-4X

[not pictured]

Pattern: Apple Cardigan from Bella Sunshine Designs*

Price: $9

Sizing: sizes 0-30

Pattern: Fireside Cardigan from Rad Patterns*

Price: $10

Sizing: sizes XXS-4X

patterns for pirates cocoon cardigan

Pattern: Cocoon Cardigan from Patterns for Pirates*

Price: $9

Sizing: sizes XXS-XXXL (Bust 30-54″)

greenstyle cardigan

Pattern: One Button Cardigan from Greenstyle Creations*

Price: $10

Sizing: sizes XS-3XL(Bust 33-49″)

sophie cardigan

Pattern: Sophie cardi from Muse Patterns

Price: $12

Sizing: sizes 30-48  (Bust 30-48″)

liola cardigan

Pattern: Molly Cardigan from Liola Designs

Price: $14

Sizing: sizes XS-XL  (Bust 31.5-39.4″)

eymm four seasons

Pattern: Four Seasons Cardigan from EYMM* <– it has a hood option too!

Price: $9.95

Sizing: sizes XS-5X  (Bust 32-59.5″ with room to spare)

cambridge cardigan

Pattern: Cambridge Cardigan from Peekaboo Patterns*

Price: $9.95

Sizing: sizes XXS-XXXL  (Bust 30-50″)


Pattern: Grace Cardigan by Kzjo’Studio

Price: $8.50

Sizing: sizes XXS-XXL  (Bust 32-44″)


Pattern: Eleanor Cardigan by Kzjo’Studio

Price: $9

Sizing: sizes XXS-XXL  (Bust 32-44″)

Laurelhurst Cardigan Straight Stitch Designs Swoodson Says

Pattern: Laurelhurst Wrap from Straight Stitch Designs* — I’ve sewn this one, see my review here!

Price: $10 — she also sells these fun stitch kits* with fabric, the pattern, and coordinating thread; how cool are those! This is also a part of Indiesew’s Fall Collection, read more here!

Sizing: sizes 0-24 (Bust 32-50.5″)

[not pictured]

Pattern: Ojai Wrap from Sew Country Chick

Price: $7

Sizing: sizes 0-18 

Jalie 3248

Pattern: Jalie 3248 -Drop Pocket Cardigan

Price: $11.99

Sizing: sizes 4-22 (Bust 33-50″)

Pattern:Paro Cardigan from Itch to Stitch*

Price: $10

Sizing: 00-20

boyfriend cardi

Pattern: Boyfriend Cardigan from Love Notions*

Price: $8.95

Sizing: sizes XS-XXXL (Bust 33-48.5″)


Pattern: Wrap & Twist Cardigan by Frocks & Frolics

Price: Free!

Sizing: sizes 6-12

cabernet cardigan

Pattern: Cabernet Cardigan from SBCC

Price: $12

Sizing: sizes XXS-XXXL (Bust 33″-53.75″)

Grandpa cardigan PDF sewing

Pattern: Grandpa Cardi from Patterns for Pirates*

Price: $8

Sizing: sizes XXS-XXXL (Bust 33″-53.75″)

Pattern: Maple Cardigan from Peach Patterns

Price: $8.88

Sizing: 2-16 (Bust 32″-46″)

Free wrap cardigan pattern

Pattern: Wrap Cardigan from Naptime Creations

Price: $Free!

Sizing: size small


Pattern: Lark Cardigan from Jamie Christina

Price: $14.95

Sizing: XS-XXXL


Pattern: Lisbon Cardigan from Itch to Stitch*

Price: $10

Sizing: 00-20

[not pictured]

Pattern: Ellie Dolman Cardigan from Elliedactyl

Price: $10

Sizing: 00-28

Pattern: Tallinn Duster Hack Tutorial from Hey June Handmade

Price: Free Tutorial from the Tallinn Sweater pattern (not a cardigan – $10*)

Sizing: XS-2XL

[not pictured]

Pattern: Chapman Cardigan from Ellie and Mac

Price: $5.25

Sizing: XXS-4XL

Pattern:  Infinity Scarf Cardigan* from Gina and Renee Designs

Price: $9.50

Sizing: Unknown

[not pictured]

Pattern:  Cocoon Cardigan* from Seamingly Smitten

Price: $6

Sizing: 0-26

Pattern:  Aurelia Cardigan* from Sew Liberated

Price: $12.00

Sizing: XS-XL

Pattern: Capsule Cardigan from Greenstyle Cardigans

Price: $10.00

Sizing: XXS-3XL

ficus cardigan sew like my mom

Pattern: Ficus Cardigan* from Sew Like My Mom

Price: $9.99

Sizing: XXS-3XL

Pattern: Juniper Cardigan* from Jennifer Lauren

Price: $12.99

Sizing: 6-24

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Wednesday 18th of July 2018

Hi Stephanie,

Great list! Just wanted to let you know that Peach Patterns has recently released the Maple Cardigan for Women:

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Thursday 19th of July 2018

Cool, I assume you're ok with me using a picture, and I added it!

Lorrie Graham

Thursday 18th of January 2018

Thank you! I save your posts because you're so helpful. It would have taken me hours to find the cardigan pattern I wanted and you had 3 I like all in one post! Keep up the blog, I love it! Lorrie

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Friday 2nd of February 2018

Yay!! I'm so glad to hear it Lorrie. I hope you love the cardigan you picked :D


Thursday 14th of December 2017

This is an amazing recollection of great sewing patterns. I would love to collaborate on this kind of post sometime with some patterns of my own. What would I have to do?? Thank you!

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Saturday 16th of December 2017

Hi Dafhtne, shoot me an email with a link to whatever patterns you'd like to add and we can talk! There's no charge for being on one of my list posts but I do want to make sure I'm only linking established pattern companies :)


Tuesday 7th of November 2017

These are great options, thanks for the pattern.

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Thursday 9th of November 2017

Sure thing!


Tuesday 17th of May 2016

Love these :) I love cardigans, as a good librarian should, haha. BTW, the link to the Jalie drop pocket cardi is here

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Thursday 19th of May 2016

:) Thanks! I am trying to fix that, I don't know why it is strike-through style. Ugh. I appreciate it!

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