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Free simple cat embroidery pattern


simple cat embroidery

A few months ago, I was planning on going to a conference right after we’d moved. I knew I wanted to wear something handmade but didn’t have time to sew from scratch. I worked on this simple cat embroidery and stitched it on to a thrifted shirt for a modern t-shirt embroidery DIY! I’m sharing the free cat embroidery pattern and tutorial for how to use it, I think this would be super cute on pants too.

I have a whole post about cat hand embroidery patterns if you need more inspiration!

Isn’t that little kitty cute! I convinced my cat-hating Mom to let me adopt a barn kitten back in high school, and she grew up into the fluffiest, laziest indoor cat you’ve ever met. This silhouette makes me think of her looking out a window.

My daughter is begging for embroidered kitties on her clothes now, I think it would be really cute on the back pocket of jeans or right above the hem of a shirt, too.

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A quick, subtle upgrade for a shirt makeover! I used pearl cotton, which is thicker than floss, which makes it stand out better.

Pin this t-shirt embroidery DIY tutorial for later, here:

Crafty cat lovers rejoice - there is a free cat hand embroidery pattern and tutorial for how to stitch it on to a shirt! This t-shirt embroidery DIY is super easy with the magical material you'll print and stitch through, click through to see more. #embroidery #refashion #upcycle #sewing

Want to make your own?

Simple cat embroidery




Step 1– Print the pattern out on Stick n Stitch, cut roughly around the cat shape.

Easy way to transfer hand embroidery patterns showing how to embroider on a tshirt.

Step 2– Stitch your kitty! I used a simple back stitch (videos in this post for basic embroidery stitches) but a stem stitch would be pretty too.

Step 3- Wash the Stick n Stitch away with warm water. You may need to gently swish it below the water and keep rinsing until all the stickiness is gone.

Let it dry and you’re done! It is that easy. The Stick n Stitch stabilizes it so the stitches don’t get wonky and you don’t need anything on the back.

What would stitch this kitty on?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.