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Mini Pocket Critters – New Pattern Release

Looking for a fun felt project to sew? These mini pocket critters are teeny tiny, perfect for slipping into Easter eggs or into little pockets; they're all hand sewn and super sweet. A unique idea for handmade Easter egg fillers that aren't candy!

I have been bursting at the seams (pun intended) to share my newest pattern, the mini pocket critters! My pocket kitty has been so popular with readers, my kids, and Pinterest and the idea was sparked to shrink it down as an Easter egg filler. I had so much fun sewing the mini kitty, I designed a whole crew of animal friends. My kids love playing with these little animals, and they use up the tiniest of felt scraps.

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5 Basic Embroidery Stitches

Check out the 5 basic embroidery stitches everyone should know. Perfect embroidery stitches for beginners, you can stitch all sorts of patterns with these embroidery tutorials! #embroidery #handsewing

I love basic embroidery stitches; they’re easy and accessible. Embroidery stitches for beginners are my favorites even as I’ve gained more experience hand sewing, because I find them the most relaxing! I’m collecting all the embroidery stitch videos in one spot that you can use when stitching my free embroidery patterns (like this “the Days are long but the years are short” design)  or trying out one of the other designer’s patterns I’ve stitched (like this super popular lunar phase embroidery design).

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Favorite Hand Embroidery Tools

Overwhelmed with what to buy when learning how to embroider? Check out this list of best hand embroidery tools! What you need vs. what's nice to have, this list will have you ready to start embroidering! #embroidery #handsewing
I’m sharing a list of my favorite hand embroidery tools, including what you “must” have vs. a luxury. If you’ve never picked up a needle, this list may seem a little intimidating but remember that almost all of these are one-time purchases. You can use the same pair of scissors for decades! I’ve included online links for your convenience, but definitely price compare to local stores (use this app for cash back at craft stores!) and don’t forget to check your local thrift shop! I’m still using embroidery floss that I bought 7 years ago in a giant bag for $2.

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15+ Valentine’s Day Embroidery Designs & Cross Stitch Patterns

Looking for something to stitch this Valentine's Day? I have a great list of over 15 Valentine's Day embroidery designs and Valentine's Day cross stitch patterns. Perfect for stitching on hoop art, hankerchiefs,blankets, or pillows, make a handmade gift for Valentine's Day! #embroidery #valentine #valentinesday #crossstitch**

With all the Christmas decor packed away, I’m thinking of the next fun holiday to break up the winter chill. Needlework goes hand in hand with warm blankets and cold nights, so I thought I’d round up some ideas of what to embroidery and cross stitch for Valentine’s Day! There are a bunch of independent designer’s Valentine’s Day embroidery designs and then a few freebies at the end of the list. I can see lots of these stitched and hanging on a wall, or added to a shirt, sewn on to a pillow, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re intimidated by the idea of how to transfer an embroidery design, check out the easiest way to transfer embroidery patterns; it is so simple and involves no tracing! You can check out past embroidery projects that I’ve stitched, here.

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