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12 Creative Ways to Use Pegboard

Creative uses of pegboard are all over Pinterest but sometimes it seems like the same couple projects over and over, so I did some digging! I’ve been brainstorming since I bought two big pieces of peg board off Craigslist for $5, with plans for craft room storage. For better or worse we decided to leave that area of the basement unfinished so now I don’t have a ton of wall space down there to hang it on!

I can’t promise you won’t have seen any of the 12, but I would be really surprised if you’d seen all of them (I only have pictures if I heard back with permission to use them)!

Flower Wall Art from Dream A Little Bigger

I’ve seen a few versions of floral, giant cross-stich but I love the vivid colors in this one!

Light Bright Table from And Next Comes L

I don’t think I’ve ever played with a light bright! But this looks very fun.

Letter Shaped Pegboard Organizer from A Ruffled Life

This would be equally fun for kid’s storage, a garage, etc. A hashtag shape would be great for an office!

Cross-stitched Side Table from Ariadne at Home

What would be even better? A light bright side table! Ok, this floral one is more sophisticated and very pretty.

Tufted Headboard from Little Green Notebook

I love the look of tufted headboards but symmetry isn’t always my strong suit – pegboard to the rescue!

Golf Tee Typography from Design Sensory

Another fresh idea, this could be personalized even further if you painted the top of the tees!

DIY Geoboard from Crayon Box Chronicles

I remember playing with these! The fabric loops seem way smarter than rubber bands, too.

Water Wall by Mama OT

My son would go bananas over this! There are so many things you could do with this idea – but I’m not sure if the peg-board would eventually mold?

Giant Cross Stitch People by Wee Little Stitches

How fun are these!! Game room! Nursery! Basement theater! The decor options are limitless.

So that’s it! What was your favorite? You hadn’t seen all 12 had you?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.