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Cute Quilt-As-You-Go Appliqué Monsters – Craftsy Class Review

Beginner friendly quilt alert! This is a fun and easy Craftsy class that I'm reviewing, to make your own quilt-as-you-go applique monster quilt.

I’m so excited to share this project with you – a monster face quilt top! The pattern is designed by Wendi Gratz of Shiny Happy World and a part of an online Craftsy class, which gives you the pattern and accompanying video tutorials for how to make it. I am sharing some of my thoughts about the class and have a coupon code for anyone who wants to try their hand at making some silly monsters! I’ve finished my quilt since I first posted this, visit this post to see it all quilted and bound.

{This post contains affiliate links, indicated by an asterisk*. Please refer to ‘legal stuff’ in the top menu for more info. I received a free copy of this class to review, but all opinions are my own!}


When Wendi emailed me back at the end of summer about her new class Cute Quilt-As-You-Go Appliqué Monsters*, I was immediately on board because the monsters are adorable and it’s well documented that I love projects that use up scraps! I didn’t want to make an entire quilt, so I thought I’d make a floor pillow or maybe a soft baby book with their faces. Once I started, I couldn’t stop so I kept sewing along until I had a full “napping” size quilt top!


I made the squares with quilting cotton but all of the monsters are actually knit fabric scraps (more ideas on how to use up knit scraps in this post). I do a ton of upcycling for my kids’ clothes, leaving me with large chunks of tshirts that aren’t small enough to shred but not large enough for another shirt. It was so much fun, pawing through my bins of scraps and remembering the outfits they came from. I don’t blog all the clothes I make, lots of them are pretty un-noteworthy, but the monster above was made from this fun ‘Milk’ graphic t’s scraps.


Those polka dots are made with cotton velour, super soft to touch. If you aren’t familiar with the term “quilt as you go” it means literally just that – you quilt each square to the backing by itself, then applique, then attach all the squares to one another. I’d never tried QAYG before, but it was amazing to use up all my batting scraps on top of the knit fabric scraps! This method is also ideal for beginners or folks in a small sewing space.


I really love the “under/over bite” option that is shared in the class – there is something so delightfully impish about this monster’s expression!


Adding stripes in was a no-brainer, I love them.


Normally I am all about the brights, but decided to tone this down a little and use all neutrals for the background since I’ll be gifting the finished quilt. There are a ton of different options for making the faces, with teeth and ears and different size eyes/mouth; I tried to keep some sense of consistency, using the same shape of mouth on most of them.


That purple stripe is from a pair of pants that my son wore holes in, they’ve since been patched and my daughter is wearing them! I found that pink fur in a random Goodwill Outlet bin (they aren’t like normal Goodwills, see the difference here!) and also added some random pom-pom trim behind the orange monster’s face.


I love how it turned out! I tried a few of the 3D elements and mixed in different fabric choices for a really funky quilt that has lots to touch and feel. I was waiting for Wendi to restock cuddle fleece, and just ordered some today, as the quilt backing but I’d love to hear any suggestions on binding fabric! A solid color? A stripe? I’m going to pair this with a movie gift card and some popcorn as a family gift – so much better than some toys, right. My kids absolutely loved the monster faces, so I saved all the scraps in a bag in the hopes of making one for our family soon.


You can see the “model” quilt above, from the class, it is so fun! Wendi was much more adventurous in her quilting patterns, as you can see, and I’d love to work up to some of the more free-motion-esque designs.

I’ve never reviewed a Craftsy course before; this is actually the first/only one that I’ve watched all the way through! I downloaded all the episodes so I could watch on our Ipad during a road trip (while my husband drove), which worked really well.


What’s included:

Six separate segments: 1. Quilt As You Go Blocks – 2. Making Monsters – 3.Pieced QAYG  – 4. 3D Effects – 5. Unique Fabrics – 6. Sashing & Finishing. There are printable templates for all the monster faces, a supply list, and then an easy interface to ask Wendi questions or other classmates. Scanning the project gallery* gives lots of visual inspiration, seeing what others have made.


  • If I wasn’t writing this as a review, I admit I probably would’ve skimmed the videos and just used the patterns, since I knew how to applique. I would’ve missed out on a lot of valuable information that she covered, looking at color theory, contrast, and warmth in fabric choices – all things I have heard before but it was helpful to see them with examples and in the context of this project.
  • There are a ton of examples for each step, which I love.
  • She also uses the term “straightish” which is an apt description of almost all my sewing.


  • I wish the monster face shapes were organized differently, and labeled – while it doesn’t *matter* if something is an eye vs. a tooth, etc. I wanted to know. Different size pupils are squeezed in around other shapes, which is great for saving paper (something I really appreciate) but not as great for my style of applique assembly.

Beginner friendly quilt alert! This is a fun and easy Craftsy class that I'm reviewing, to make your own quilt-as-you-go applique monster quilt.

You made it to the end of my review – use ‘ bbad4a96-d280-4040-a739-2 ‘ and get 50% off the full retail price of the Craftsy class, Cute Quilt-As-You-Go Appliqué Monsters*! (Limit one per customer. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Expires December 31, 2016.) I’ll be sharing my finished quilt before the end of the year – join me in making some funky monsters!

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  1. I LOVE HOW YOUR FINISHED QUILT TURNED OUT! I saw the blocks as you were posting them, of course, but I didn’t register that all the backgrounds were shades of grey. I love how the colors pop against the neutral background! And you did some really creative things with your mixing and matching that I haven’t seen before – like making eyes that don’t fit inside the face for an awesome cartoon effect. I never would have thought of that, but I’m totally going to steal it. 🙂

  2. I loved Wendi’s class it was like I was learning from a close friend. Its a great project for scrap busting and perfect for making donation quilts for little ones, its a win win for everyone in my view 🙂

  3. I’m working right now to finish my monster quilt for my first grand baby due in December. I’ve loved both of Wendi’s classes. I also took the Critter Quilt class. The 2 classes are similar in that they each have a $14.99 quilt pattern that comes with them. Each has Wendi to ask questions to, and each has tips and steps a little different. So taking both classes is a must for me. Other things about Wendi, she has a fabulous web site, which has some of the best patterns on it for everything from stuffed animals, to more quilts, and on to embroidery projects. There are tons of tutorials, and you can purchase what you need to make your projects. Wendi also has a very active Facebook group. It has lots of support and inspiration.

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